Montag, 13. Juni 2011

when long weekends become so short

Hellow! ~~~ヾ(^∇^)

When I woke up today, my psp laid next to me 8D
 So we had a long weekend, today (Monday) is a holiday but somehow the weekend was so short (T.T;)

From Saturdays morning 'til Sunday evening I was at my mother's place.
We cooked, made a cake and watched "Inception" and "The Tourist".
I also spend most of the time playing Final Fantasy 13...
But to show my mom! She doesn't know modern computer games, only games like Super Mario for Super Nintendo etc. xD
So I wanted to show her FF13, because I think it is the most beautiful designed game atm.
It was also the first time I played it via hdmi on a 127cm display hdtv tv. And it was sooooo awesome ;_____;
The colours, contrasts etc. this was better than sex, to play it on such a big tv xD 
My mother was excited, too! She really was into it, when I fought the last boss! 
So I also finished the game T___T it was so wonderfull, it was my first time completing FF13 even if I played it for so long now!


So the next 3 days will be the last of my education as a graphic designer.
I decided to post the first work I've done in this education.

(don't know why blogger don't show them in the right way)
This is 2 years ago.
And I am happy this is over. It wasn't a good education at all, I didn't lean much v_v I am very disappointed.

Next year is "Abitur" , qualification for university.
Looking forwars to this!

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