Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2011

D'espairs Ray T______________T

They disbanded.
No good bye concert, nothing.

But I hope Hizumi recovers.
Then theycan come back.

And if it takes 10 years, it's okay.
People could wait 10 years for XJapan, too. (And D'espairs Ray is way more fantastic)


  1. I just totally agree with you!
    I will wait 10 years too!
    Even if I'm 34 then ._.

  2. I'll be 32...
    So we'd be the same age as D'espairsRay is today! xD Nothing bad about, these are the best years! 8D

    And they will come back, I'm 100% sure.

  3. Ich seh grad, ich hätt auch deutsch schreiben können xD