Donnerstag, 30. Juni 2011

Some old art

I've found some old drawings on my PC

When I look at them today, I just think: OMG! This is the way I've drawn?!
My signature was "seere" as "Seele", german and means soul. And also was the organisation in Neon Genesis Evangelion xD
Damn. That's so long ago XD At this time I was really into anime and manga (I actually was a kind of manga freak from 2000-2006 after I broke up with my ex I more concentrated on japanese music.)

Today I am not much into manga. That's because they are too expensive.
About 10$ for one little manga? Thats about 900Yen for just one!!!
When I started with manga, one manga cost for about 6-7$ or 650Yen.
I am just waiting for NANA to be published. The other ones are bought by a friend, so I lend them

I still can't sleep.
I will probably stay up tonight, it's already 4:30 am...
I need a proper sleeping rythm

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