Montag, 27. Februar 2012

Kingdom Hearts 3D

I need a Nintendo 3DS.

isn't that awesome?
Finally new story ahead! I waited soooooo looooong~

But it's not so good, that you need to play the PSP and the Nintendo DS games for that! It's too bad you can't play 3ds in ds ;___;

Samstag, 25. Februar 2012




Because yesterday, I attended this guy's great concert:



(this will be totaly fangirlism, just to be said)

So Kaya x Satsuki concert in Cologne.

It was lightly raining and we could enter the club at 8pm.
I was soooooo excited because I could see Satsuki!!!!
The show started at 8.45pm with Kaya. I only listened to Schwarzstein and this is ages ago. But Kaya did a great job. His voice is so wonderfull and clear and he entertained the people greatly! xD
I was in the 3rd row infront of him. (okay, I wanted to see Satsuki 8D)
After Kaya changed his outfit, I got more and more excited and after he ended the staff member changed the stage for Satsuki's band.

HE IS SO THIN! and so elegant! and so beautiful!
He entertained us so well and he sang soooo wonderful, brilliant, great, unbelievable! Better as on CD!
He also sang his new songs!
And he sang AWAKE!!!! I got so excited, I screamed so loudly 8//D Everyone looked at me.
But it was so wonderfull! His performance was also heavier than on CD. And the ballads were also perfectly placed.
(Did I mention, that he is so beautiful?)
He played for about 1 hour, it was way too short!!!!

When Satsuki played this song:
I really went crazy XD
Okay I was really dying! REALLY! I was soooo happy!
Music can make you happy ♥

And then after the concert, I got my AWAKE single signed.
Satsuki seemed to be very surprised, that a european fan has this single, because it was sold out very early and was only saled in Japan and America.

I also got a poster, a button and a polaroid. I already have everything else xD But I missed to buy a t-shirt -_- I am so stupid. Because the staff said, there were only girly t-shirts and I HATE girly shirts! But there were also male shirts -__- I noticed too late!

and when he sang this song:

I was missing Rentrer en Soi so much.
His voice was so beautiful and clear, he hit every note and I really wished, that Rentrer en Soi would have an other concert again in Europe (T_T)
I was crying, even if it's stupid to cry, Satsuki is a person who really inspires me for about 10 years now.
I saw many people cry this evening and I can understand it. His voice really reaches everyone's hearts!

After we got our autographs, we went to Nessy and slept overnight. It was very nice to see her again.
I was  really worried about her and her sister because they had some hard time.
Nessy showed us her wig collection XD She has so much wigs!

Of course I chose this one!
I had no make up any more, so my eyes are like this -> =_=
But I love those curly wigs! I want to buy one for myself!

Well I only slept for about 1 hour but I am super excited! And happy!
This morning we also went to Düsseldorf and ate some Udon! Yummy Yakinikku Udon!
And now I am very tired!

But I feel just like this:

haha XD

So, good bye every one and have a nice weekend!

Donnerstag, 23. Februar 2012

deco den video

a video of my deco den experiment.

on the youtube site you can see two links to the deco den shops. (weil tosh fragte ;D)

sorry about my english.

Freitag, 17. Februar 2012

My current addiction

Of course it's an Anime again XD

and of course it is from old Master Miyazaki's GHIBLI studio!

I'm 14 years old, I'm pretty. 

元気な 小さい Lady 

床下に ずっと 借りぐらししてたの 

時にはHappy, 時にはBlue, 


風 髪に感じて 空を眺めたい 
あなたに花 届けたい 

ほら蝶々が舞ってる 私を待っている 

そう、変わることのない わたしの小さい世界 
嫌いじゃないの でもあなたを 
もっと もっと知りたくて 

喜びと悲しみは いつも 折り混ざってゆく 

風 髪に感じて 空を眺めたい 
あなたに花 届けたい 

ほら蝶々が舞ってる あなたを待っている 

太陽の下で 花に囲まれて 
あなたと日々 過ごしたい 
この想いを胸に 新しい世界で 
私らしく 生きる

I really love the movie.
The best thing is the water in Arrietty's point of view. It looks like syrup because the little drops look so big! 
The story is also very good.
I love those movies where there is no big love story, where is no Hollywoodlike hero and no distruction. It's a simple story.
It's from an older book called "the borrowers". My mom knows it, I don't know it :/ (But it's very different from the original stories, as always in GHIBLI movies!)

The lyrics of the song are so simple, that even I can understand them. But even if they are simple, I love them so much! 

Even for adults, it is worth watching ;)

Deco den!


Today was a GREAT day!

No one at home and I was playing Nintendo, reading manga and then....

I finally made my first Deco den creation! (puuh everything smells like silicone here x0x need to open the window)

I bought so many things for decoden quite some time ago but I had no time to decorate anything.
My first project was my Kanji Box! I wanted a cute Kanji Box. Maybe it will give me some motivation to learn XD?

The Tools:

With chocolate:
The chocolate fluit really smelled like chocolate, I wanted to eat it T^T~

With whipped cream:
It was so hard to push the silicone out of the tube x___x
My hands were dying! ;___; I hope with the decotti silicone it will be easier! I will use it when I decorate my mobile phone!

The Final Result:
I used so much flowers and stuff... it's not very nice designed but it's my first one!
So I loke it! xD haha

It took me about an hour for everything, most time I spend on this silly whipped cream (>_<)
But it was great fun! I want to decorate moooooore~ (it's an expensive hobby D: I used a full whipped cream tube only for that one. and japanese silicone is too expensive D< I need some alternatives. But I often see normal silicone whipped cream and they have a yellow colour after a while or have a bad texture...)

I will watch some criminal minds now :3
See you!

Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2012

fashion food and new family members!


Time goes by and I have so many things to do. As always.
And I'm too lazy to do them!

Last weekend we had open doors at our school.
My class worked on a project called "Fashion Food". We made clothes and accesoiries out of different food, like vegetable, meat and seafood!
My group had the theme "seafood".
Our model Jacky had to endure a bad smell! buwaaah >.< Our poor noses!

I did the make up for Jacky, I was really afraid it will look awefull but I got good feedback, so I think, it was okay^^

chicken feed with red nail polish.

seaweet, shrimps and little squids
YUMMY! (not.)

Noura had broccoli and pignet (don't know the english word)

Anna had a Nori top and vegetables

Giulia had eggs, chicken feed and also a pig net.


she is so beautifull, isn't she?!

It was a nice day :3 We had much fun! (I think?! xD)
We had a photo studio and took professional pictures, but we have to wait until these photos are finished.
I have to be patient T^T


And now to the new family members! xD
Anna and I drove to the custom station and I got my package from Strapya!

I ordered two plushies, a NERV sticker and a cover for my mobile phone for deco den.

AAAAAAH! They can't breathe!!!!!
(Why do I have a song in my mind right away xD?!)

Jajaaaaaan~~ *-* CUTE!!!

I need a name. And I need the male version. This is only the female.
I don't know... when you look at it from the top, it looks like a tit xD

ISN'T THAT ADORABLE????!!!! (<- my typography teacher would hit me)
I's a HE! I am sure D<!
What's his name? hmmm

Finally it isn't freezy outside any longer! The last weeks were SO cold! Almost -15°C every morning!

The water in the bottle is frozen.
But now the temperature is about 0°. It feels warm! Unbelievable XD I need spring.
I love spring, it's my favourite season.

Well, I will watch Criminal Minds now!
See you!

Freitag, 10. Februar 2012



I have a short haircut now. And a new colour. But somehow
it looks like always! xD

Finally our apartment contract is abrograted! In the ending of May, I am going to move out! Yatta!
I am very happy about that.
I will finish school in May. After 15 years of school I have my Abitur! (It took so long because I also finished a very good job education as a graphic designer and now making my last "Highschool" year)

From June until August or September I will work ( I already have a job, well I hope everything will work out!) and I will save money for univeryity! (I also need a new notebook but we will see how much I will be able to safe)

I think I have chosen my favourite university ;D But I won't tell ♥ It will be a surprising thing o.O....

I also got my first half year's report card. well... -_-''' yeah. I got 2,2....
I hope I can manage to get an 1,9 at leat in the end of the year.
I think I can make it! I hope my math mark won't become a disaster in the end. C is a very good mark for me! xD

Yesterday my class visted the Art Academy in Düsseldorf. It wasn't as good as the last year... So we left quiet early.

This one was very good. (even if I don't know why the wolves only have 3 legs!)

Then we went to the japanese bakery and got some delicious food ;D
We also had lunch at DON, I had Gyouza Udon because Yakinikku Uson was sold out ;___; (HEARTBREAK)

But it was very delicious. As always! I really love Gyouza Udon and yakinikku Udon at DON.

Then I met Tosh and we took some puri.

Because she had no eye make up, she covered her eyes in every puri xD (But she is even very beautiful without eye make up! She only doen't believe me [and the rest of the world]!)
After taking puri, I brought some Bubble Tea. NOMNOMNOM.
I am always can't decide what flavour I want to choose. This time I had a new one: grape with green tea and orange popping! NOMNOMNOM. NOOOOM! xD

When I was home again, I ate some maki and the bakery food while watching Ghibli's Arrietty and Howl's Moving Castle. Ahhhhhh I love Ghibli so much. For me Ghibli is at the same level than OLD Disney. Very beautiful stories, very beautiful setting and loveable characters!
I must admit I didn't watch Porco Rosso and Earthsea. But I think I will do that when I have a little bit time left (and a good online stream, animecrazy's versions have too bad quality).

Well so far so good.
Tomorrow is saturday but I will have to go to school.
Because we have open day at our school.
My class will made FASHION FOOD. Very interesting and very UGLY! We will make clothes and accesoiries from chicken feet and other dead meat x.x

I drew the poster with Mary and Viola

NOMNOM chicken feed with nail polish!

See ya!