Montag, 30. Januar 2012

Try to catch up part 3

So what is happening lately?

Nothing good actually :/
I have an bad argument with the person I am living with. She always hold me down but now I fight back >/ I won't ever be controlled and bad influenced again. It is a hard fight actually because we were good friends. But she decided to hate and fight against me. I can't do anything about it. 

I am also very sick lately. The stress etc. stroke me down quiet badly.
My liver is infected by a virus but it will get better.
I also got an anemia. Sometimes I can't even stand up, it is very bad ;_; And my school doesn't understand. Even if I always write my tests very good, like getting many A marks. But they are not very interested in my illness. I hope I will get better soon so I can catch up with school again. 
I won't lose `____´ I will get my ticket to university! 

Until the end of may I will stay with this friend in our apartment.
I hope everything will go right. Because I don't hate her or anything. It's a pity that everything had to end this way. But I will try my best so we can finish school properly.

other topics!

My latest nails!:

and my Satsuki ticket arrived (´////////////`) 

I can not wait to see him finally!

And also his latest single arrived with the Kisaki Project single!

And I have something to read:

So I hope everything will become better soon! It has to! 
Wish me luck!
It's my fight against the bad luck!
(bad luck actually reminds me of the manga Gravitation 8///D I need to read that one again!)

So, I will go and rest a little bit now.
See you!

Try to catch up part 2

New year!

And also new year was planned to be an one person party.
But In the end we were 7 people again, just like last year. Teresa and Becky didn't came but Sasu and Nao were there :3
It was a very funny evening ♥

We had raclette and of course much much alcohol xD

just a little selection

Don't know why the picture is reversed. But we had Sake with cocktail sausages... yeah...

Nessy is also a good Reindeer!

Viola got a nice present 8D 


no words....


Because I have plugs in my ears, I could put light-sticks in my ears 8D

Now some really intelligent and nice videos from the evening:

(Nessy stole my Kigurumi!!!!! D:)







It was a nice evening :3 Even if it was no typical twen's new year XD But yeah, our minds are still young 8'3
2012 started good!

A try to catch up part 1

Hello everyone!
And a happy new year 8D Even if it is a little late now XD
I'm a bad blogger :/
I need to catch up!

So I will write a little bit about christmas first!
It was a nice christmas! I thought I would be alone but in the end, I was with my family and some friends visited my apartment! It was soooooo sweet and nice, I had a good time!

Some days before christmas Jacky, Anna, Viola and I met and had a little christmas party.

Anna is a strange reindeer xD
looks more like halloween Dx

Jacky is cute as always xD

Anna made some strange alcoholic drink with litchi and cherrys XD The vodka was soooo strong! x0x
We also watched nice DVDs!
ehm... yeah.
One Horror movie and one splatter movie. hehe. Chrictmas! not.

On christmas eve, I was at home:

I had a nice time :)

and then Christmas with Tosh, Trunks and Teresa. I got nice preseeeeeents >/////<
I just recognize! We were a quatro T! xD Tsui, Trunks, Tosh, Te YEAH! XD

I got this from Teresa! I looooove Wall.E! EEEEEEVE!
 I also got some sweets and some strange wing hair clips and a Shakespear memo-book, which is so cool, I don't dare to write somethign in it!

I got this clock from Tosh!
She gave me an autograph my Rentrer en Soi T____T Loooove!
It's now hanging on my wall, Rientoooo ♥♥♥

I also made a christmas cake!
Japanese style 8D (Strawberries are so expensive in winter T__T)
It was so yummy!

my christmas decoration! haha!
ehm yes. These are the little hair clips XD everyone had one pair! xD


I also got this little tiger from Viola! It's so cute!

From Viola I got some very cool presents, too!
A Calvin Klein perfume and shower gel and a NINTENDO DS Lite! O: Soooo happy <3

Now I can play Okamiden and everything oldschool etc! I need the Kingdom Heart games for Advance and DS 8D!

I also bought myseld some presents 8D OF COURSE!
Back in october I bought a new mobile phone. This was number 1!
Then I bought mysels Okamiden for Nintendo DS. I also bought myself a Rilakkuma hat! So cute!

I got some other presents too but I don't have pictures T_T''

So far for christmas 2011!

Next will be New Year!

Donnerstag, 19. Januar 2012

Strapya Review!


Today I will show you three of my favourite products from the website
I bought these items some time ago but I love them for a long time now!

They are very small and I have several other items but these are my favos:

1. Kimono Mobile bag!

It has a very nice structure and there are different styles you can choose from!
you can buy them here:

I have an Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, which is very very big but it fit the mobile bag very well ♥

It's very cute!

2. Dragonball strap:

I have purchased 7 Dragons Balls for Christmas for me and my best friends!
No it is even more special when we all can meet!
It is a very good quality and it doesn't have scratches even after a longer use!

It is very liked by other friends or even stranger are positively surprised when they see this cool item and often asked where I bought it!

3. Mobile Fur strap:

Here is the last one! It is soooooo cute! I love fur items! I even have some fur tail etc.

well you can't purchase it any more but here is the new generation with a little bling bling stone!

Strapya is always very kind, has lots of sales and events where they offer special prices etc.
So it is worth a look!

ATM there is a Valentine's event!

Strapya is very good for special and personal gifts, I love to buy presents for my friends there and there are some good products for decoden etc.
There are so many categories with items you can't find in Europe!

So, have fun shopping!

See you soon