Sonntag, 19. Juni 2011

about Tattoos

Hello :D
no sleep, bad light, bad face.
I love tattoos.
But I don't like people who have so much money to get huge parts of their body painted 8D Because I want, too. I am an envy person. 8D
I'd really like to get my both arms and my back painted. I really love those kind of arts.
BUT I am sure I won't get any huge tattoo on my body, because I don't know where I will work or live in the future and even if nearly every young person in germany has a tattoo, it is difficult with the adulds and the jobs.
It's totally stupid, as if tattoos are showing that the person has a bad behaviour or what ever.

My plan was, to add a little tattoo every year. So a little symbol of every year, something which reminds me of the year.
But. Tattoos are so expensive :( and I haven't got a new tattoo for 2 years now. So far about my plan haha.

This was the first one I got. I really love it because it shows how important music is for me.

This tattoo is also very important, because it's some kind of "friendship" tattoo but because it shows a northern star, it is something about a sign that where ever you are or what ever you have done, here you can find a home.
I will definetely add 2 tattoos for last years and this year.
I am thinking about, what was special for me last year, but I can't really remember of anything else than Daisuke's death, which was really a shock for me.
And this year I will add a tattoo about my father's death. I am not quiet sure but I think I really want to this "every year a tattoo to remember things" plan.


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