Donnerstag, 29. März 2012

Montag, 26. März 2012

Ice skating!

I was Ice skating with my class today!

It was my first time on the ice. Little fatty on board XD
(I was ice skating over 10 years ago but only for a few minutes and with no good memories....)

It was scary... but okay...

Sonntag, 25. März 2012

new circle lenses!

Hey ho!

stupid face deluxe 8D
Today I will write a review about my new circle lenses!

Yesterday the parcel from Shoppingholics arrived!

As always with pretty small presents :3
And the circle lenses were in a little box, that was very cute, too :3

Among my order I got a lense-case (i think it's a bear? XD), 2 eye care pads, 1 hair attach thing and a little green voodoo doll XD and the thank you card :3

So I got the Lycee contact lense drops, because I have dry and sensitive eyes and my lenses are always hurting after several hours!
I thought I'll try that out and it helps imidiately! With only one drop the eye feels fresh again!

very small but helpful!
So, but here are the lenses:

The brand is from Geo, it's called Princess Mimi/Bambi Almond Brown!
I have seen so many pretty pictures of these lenses, espacially from Tsubasa and the other models, so I had high expectations about these lenses, because I have brown/green eyes and I wanted more natural lenses this time!

Diameter : 15.0mm (so it says on Shoppingholics, but it is 14,5 -_-)
Water Content : 38%
Power: 0 - -8
Life Span : 1 year disposal

So let's see how they are on my eyes:

without make up, only one lense

without eye make up with flash

with make up, outdoor light

with make up, indoor light

with make up, with flash

In my opinion, the colour is pretty and blends in very well.
But I think those lenses are more for the people out there, who have small eyes.
I wish these ones had a 16mm diameter or something like that. 14,5 is too small for my eyes.

I also had to push the lense a little bit to the right place, it didn't want to go to the right place right away XD

I also have tried different wigs to see, which one had the stronger effect:

with the blond wig

with a dark brown wig
with my bad webcam:

I think it's both very nice but the brown was really catchy when I wore the brown wig!
Even though I think, that brown eyes with blond hair is very beautiful!

The comfort is good but in my opinion my other Geo lenses are a little bit more comfortable!
But I love them, the colour and because it's blending in so nicely! You can wear them to every occasion and because of the natural look, it is also good for school :3 (I've made so many bad experiances with stupid guys at school =_= I hate those stupis people)

so here is my personal opinion:

Enlargement: ★★★☆☆
Color: ★★★☆
Comfort: ★★☆☆☆ (I have to say that it's itchy as hell x,x)

If you want to buy those items, please click here:

Mimi Almond Brown is waiting for you!

Here are the Drops which will help you out with itchy lenses!

Perhaps I will make a video of it, too (wants some free lenses hahaha 8D)

I hope this will help at least someone :3

Have a nice day!

Let's finish this with a stupid face, too 8D haha

Samstag, 24. März 2012

Düsseldorf today! And new wig! xD


As you can see, a new wig arrived!
And this time, it's a blond one!

I will write a review later.

Today, I was in Düsseldorf to meet some friends and go eat! (what else XD?!)
We went to a korean restaurant which was called "Korea Haus".
It was my first time eating something korean! (late I know)
I was really afraid, because in the korean drama shows the people eat horrible meat x_x like pork and so on. IIIRGH.
But it was sooooooooo delicious!
And it was way too much!
And the restaurant was so well designed, I loved the atmosphere there!

this was my dish. Some yummy meat with rice and soup and vegetables! it was in a very hot stone bowl!

The side dishes were also yummy!

this was the entrance
I totaly forgot to take pictures of the rest but the food distracted me XD

Me and Viola
Very sexy indeed.
We also took PURI!
muahahahahahahahahahahaha :3

But only 2 times because there were so many people!

It was fun ♥ (I need to cut my bangs though...)

I bought some Bubble Tea and things from the Bakery My Heart 8D <3 food again XD

My contact lenses arrived today! I will also write a review about them in the next few days!

Well, I am very tired now x_x

I am going to watch some Neon Genesis Evangelion or something like that XD

So have a nice weekend and see you :3 ♪

Mittwoch, 21. März 2012

second wig!


My second wig arrived few hours ago!

So this is a quick review about it!

It's from Yesstyle, a Gabalmania wig!

The original:

and how I look like:

very asthetic 8D'
But I had no time to do make up properly etc.

I like this wig better than the Clair Beauty wig! Definetely! It fits better! The cap is fitting better to my head. The not so goof thing is the top of the head where a "skin"-like is visible and it's not so well done as on the Clair Beauty wig!

shipped on monday, arrived on wednesday!

without any powder etc.

I don't have a good camera so these must be enough for the beginning.
The structure of the hair is very smooth and it feels like healthy hair (omg this is so awesome because I can't remember how it with healthy hair haha XD)
The colour is very beautiful, too!

Comfort: ★★★★★
Color: ★★★★★
Wig like picture: ★★★★☆ (you have to style it yourself and cut the bangs!)
Quality: ★★★★☆ (better than Clair beauty)

BUT! This wig was about 65€! Very expensive! (oh yeah and I had to pay customs! +14€!)
Clair Beauty wigs are normally arround 23-30Euro and the quality is also good!

I will wait for my other Clair Beauty wig and I think I will try Pinkage next time ;)
Then I can tell you which I think is the best! xD

We will see if the Gabalmania is worth it's price!


P.S.: Viola and I went to drink Bubble Tea in Iserlohn today!

I had passion fruit with green tea and litchi popping.
But it tasted like green ice tea.
And it looks like an old pond 8D

It was not so good! I will go to BoBoQ again in the future 8D <3

Dienstag, 20. März 2012

Vocaloid xD


The last few days were full of Vocaloid stuff XD
It's so horrible, I always told myself to stay away from this music XD! But somehow it's funny and a good variation/change from K-Pop and visual kei XD

Here are my favourites:

(I like this one because it reminds me of myself and Miku is just starring the same way as I always do XD -> Ò_Ó )

very beautiful voice! (okay this isn't really vocaloid XD)

It all began with this song I saw in Ryunde's Tumblr:


The people are actually cheering for her and yelling her name as if she could hear them o__O Damn, she is a computer animation XD! (but somehow it's funny XD )

I don't like that typical vocaloid stuff but this is cute, too:

Oh please don't let me get any deeper into the vocaloid world XD

Montag, 19. März 2012

I have Tumblr!


I just started with Tumblr!

If you are interested you can follow me or give me your link, so I can follow you :3

go to the dark side:


I just forgot to write that I went to Megaromania's live on saturday!

Zero and I went to Düsseldorf because we had a low number (24/25) and with the number system you don't have to wait the whole day!

After having some yummy udon and bubble tea, we drove to Bochum and then to the "Zeche" where the concert hall was!
At first I didn't really want to go to the live because I was just like blah and wanna sleep and things like that.
And it got worse after I saw a someone who was called "good friend" some time ago. I didn't see her at first but then she walked down the street and we saw her but she didn't say anything!
Not even to Zero, who is still a friend of her (?!).
Haha, that was so poor. This woman doesn't have any guts, really. She is dead for me after this happening xD I can't believe that we really have all the same tattoo on our hand! I am really disapointed and with this entry I will forget her and everything we went through, really!

But yeah!
Megaromania saved the day 8'3
UNDERCODE really knows how to entertain people!
They talked much and not only in japanese (I was surprised I understood everything they said in japanese!).
The people where somewhere near...I don't want to say stupid... but perhaps deaf?
Sui said: "Call my name" or "Call me" and everyone just "YEAH"
I was like: o____o ??
At first I thought I understood him wrong!
But he always said: "Call me!" "Call us!" And no one called his name ARGH! xD But in the end everyone understood correctly!
There weren't many people... I would say about 200-300 people? The Zeche was way to big .__.''
But I was second row infront of Sui so haha 8D perfect!

The people also didn't know how to move correctly, it was like the most didn't ever attend a japanese concert! And I mean things like pushing forward when there is a particular part of a song. But at least many people did headbanging after Sui said they should do so! XD

The atmosphere was very nice. After the accident with the chaos of cables everything worked porperly and the party where Sui didn't sing live will be overseen ;) (But I don't like it, when it's playback!)

We drove home without any stupid handshake and things (I don't think that some one want to see sweating faces and running make up 8D) And we arrived safely at home at about 0am.

And now my neck hurts!

My first own fashion wig!

Hellooooow everybody :3

(oh yeeeah horrible cam :D pixel attack!)

So I got my first wig on friday instead of my circle lenses, which surprised me! I really thought the wig would run through customs, but nope!

Because today (monday) the extra hair piece arrived, I tried the wig on!

But when I put my circle lenses on, my left eye got irritated so much, that I had to take them of (T__T) Something must have hapened to the left lense when I was at the Megaromania concert on saturday!
(I need new blue lenses!)

So I had to take photos without circle lenses =3=


Everything came in this little bag!

At first the wig looked like that!

But I put an extra hair piece on the wig (I think I have to sew it directly on the wig Dx)
And now I am satisfied with the volume!

it's so beautiful +_+

The wig is from Clair Beauty and the extra hair piece, too! So the wig cost about 40€ total!

On the top of the wig, there is something which lookes like skin! So when someone looks on your head it doesn't look like a wig ;)

I like the structure of the wig. It feels very good, it's shiny and with baby powder I avoided some stupid extra shine!

But here is also a contra, the wig tangles easily! And I also think that the wig isn't very well sewed on the cap! There are big holes and on the head there isn't that much hair, so if you wear a light wigcap or you don't use a dark wigcap and have blond hair, your hair could shine through the whole thing =_=''

But yeah, I love the lengh and the curls!

I have trouble while wearing it, I think my head is too big or something like that? The wig doesn't really fit to my head XD it's moving easily arround, so when I wear it outside I think I will wear a cap or fix it with hair clips! It's also warm under the wig x_x *swet* xD

Well I think I still have to learn many things about wigs x_x Like how to wear it right and safely! xD

I hope my other Clair Beauty and Gabalmania wigs will arrive soon :3
I love long hair ;__; I hate my real hair atm.

I need to style it a little bit more :/ 

Comfort: ★★★★☆ (more comfortable than cosplay wigs)
Color: ★★★★★ (darker than in the original picture but still beautiful)
Wig like picture: ★★★☆☆ (different because you have to style it yourself)
Quality: ★★★☆☆ (because of poor sewed head and easy tangle)

But I can really recommend Clair Beauty wigs! Good quality for low price :)
Even if I will try out Gabalmania and other wig brands in the future 8D

So, see you guys! ;D

Donnerstag, 15. März 2012


1. Did my nail today:

2. My circle lenses arrived today. Well. I missed the post guy -.- Because I was so stupid and listened to music via headphones, so I didn't hear the doorbell =3='' So I have to go to the post office tomorrow.

I ordered this:

because my eyes easily dry out.

Because my grey and my green lenses are older than a year now, I need new ones.
But I don't know which I will choose.

But I will definetely buy these ones:
hanabi blue +_+ very lovely.

And I think I will choose a magic king grey or the lovelove grey by Geo.
I prefer Geo, I think EOS circkle lenses are less comfortable for my eyes. Perhaps it's just my eyes which don't like EOS xD

I think this looks nice :3 the geo lovelove grey!

I can't wait for tomorrow =3= want my lenses!

3. Still waiting for the Gabalmania and the Clair Beauty wigs! -3- Custom taxes will kill me (by the way, the custom guy thinks I am weird. Everytime I have to open my orders infront of him, it's strange things like Rilakkuma hats, Dragon Balls, Kigurumis and stuff...)

Here are the wigs I've ordered:

cool aren't they?

And I want this one so badly:

It's Marry stayed out all night style :0: I love the hair so much!


Ah and I need a red wig! And a straight wig! xD
Thinking of this one:

The straight one would be:


4. Skipping school tomorrow, I am such a rowdy 8D But it's too much homework, I can't finish them!

5. Reading W Juliet after 10 years again xD

6. My wig heads arrived already. I want my wigs!

7. Thinking about getting some clothes from yesstyle. But I am too fat for asian sizes :/ Need more discipline in my "lose weight program".

8. Going to dye my hair in a boring colour again. You can't believe hoe hard it is for me to stay in "normal" colours x_x

9. I have to write 4 hours german at the last day before holidays begin. Isn't that torture?!

10. I can't get used to persons/girls who want to be as cute as possible and hide their real personality. Fake Cuteness isn't cute at all but guys seem to like it? Strange world!
I am happy to be 2D-sexual 8D haha!


okay, this randomness was long ö_ö''