Dienstag, 26. Juli 2011

atm no succeed in doing something


atm I have holidays but somehow I have no time to do the things I wanted to do!

Yesterday I was at Mary and Alex's place and we watched some movies! (1 horror movie, which was pretty good but I've forgotten the name... then Brain dead, summer wars and some other various things)
Ate Lasagna and today Mary made yummy brownies 

on friday I am watching the Evangelion movies with them!!! wohooo ♥

Tomorrow I will finally practice my drawing skills! Bought the D.Grayman manga to practice!
And after that I will visit my mother's place until friday morning! (to go to the dentist etc.)

Now I will watch the Evangelion anime again 
see you!

Montag, 25. Juli 2011


I have Google+ now.


I hope you want to add me 

let's be friends ♪


"また逢えると言った そう優しい微笑みで
また逢えるよと 真っ白な嘘を呟く 遥か未来へ"

Das ist das erste woran ich grade denken kann, wenn ich an Lyrics von Kagrra, denke.

"Du sagtest, dass wir uns wiedersehen, mit einem freundlichem Lächeln
"Wir werden und wiedersehen!", zu der weit entfernten Zukunft murmelst du eine schneeweiße Lüge." 

Und wieder springen einem random Erinnerungen ins Auge, die man mit Isshi verbindet.

Kagrra, war eine meiner aller ersten lieblings bands überhaupt, für mich gabs neben Rentrer en Soi nichts größeres und tolleres am Anfang. (die Kagerou Liebe kam erst später dazu).

Ich fang immer wieder an zu weinen, obwohl ich Isshi nicht persönlich gekannt habe.

Aber an diesem Menschen hängen so viele Erinnerungen, wie Cosplay, die visual kei Anfänge, Zeichnungen, Fangirlism, random Nasenbluten weil ich ein Poster genau zu dem Zeitpunkt angeguckt hatte und somit nen echten Lacher kassiert habe, weils echt n geiler Zufall war... Die Isshi Antenne... eine random Haarsträhne, die bei der J Rock Invasion immer abgestanden hatte in alle Himmelsrichtungen...
Stundenlanges-, wochenlanges-, monatelanges Dauerschleifehören von Kagrra,... Witze über den "Isshi dance", den wir alle beim One man concert nachgemacht hatten...

An Kagrra, und somit an Isshis Stimme hängt ein großes Stück meiner Liebe zu Japan und dem traditionellen Japan, an der Musik und an J Rock. Kagrra haben mich meine komplette Jugend begleitet und es tat immer gut Isshis Stimme zu hören, wenn zu hause wieder alles Schief gelaufen ist.

Das haben zero und ich vorm Kagrra, Oneman gezeichnet, weil wir ziemlich lange vor der Halle warten mussten
und uns langweilig war.... Damals hatte man noch Con-Hons xD

Viele denken vielleicht, dass es bescheuert ist so sehr um jemanden zu trauern, den man nicht persönlich gekannt hat aber das ist mir egal, denn jeder Mensch legt seinen Schwerpunkt auf andere Dinge und mein Leben ist vor allem durch Musik gekennzeichnet.

Isshi hat Tausenden von Menschen Freude bereitet, eine einzigartige Stimme erlischt mit einem wirklich einzigartigem Künstler.

Ich kann mich nur aus tiefstem Herzen bei Isshi für alles bedanken, was er in den letzten 13 Jahres alles getan hat, damit wir seine Stimme hören konnten.

Er ist in guter Gesellschaft.
Und irgendwann werden wir uns wiedersehen.
Und deshalb hör niemals auf zu singen.

Rest in Peace Isshi.

Rest in peace Isshi

I can't believe it.

I am still kind of paralized.

ex.Kagrra's Isshi is dead.

This can't be true.

I can't stop my tears.

This is not fair. Why?

Gackt concert

Pretty CREEPY pic. Yes, I am beautifull. 8D 
So yesterday was the Gackt concert in Cologne.

First Toni, Zero and I went to Düsseldorf and take some puri, ate some yakiniku udon and drank bubble tea <3
Becky joined us later and we drove to Cologne-Mühlheim together . 
After a while Tosh joined, too and we waited for entrance~ 


We waited 1h40 minutes for Gackt going on the stage.
And then...
the horror began.

I didn't read any articles etc. about the tour.
So I didn't know, that Jon from fade was the second vocalist this time.
It was horrible.
I payed the tickets for listening to GACKT! Not Gackt and is clone.
The show was horrible, too.
A gay show. With stupid synchro movements. SAILOR MOON!!!!

Gackt also sang Mind Forest in english....
For making japanese songs into english songs...it's like raping the japanese language.
Because his textes and his way of writing japanese texts is great.

japanese version:

english version:

and now tell me. Which version is better? Much more aesthetic? Which one sounds better, smoother?

I want GACKT JOB in Germany. Not his stupid side project.
With Tsukasa and Zero OKAY but not with a second vocalist! Damn.

Even the show itself was awefull.
The same MCs as last year. REALLY THE SAME. and this stupid rude language.... so much "fuck" and "motherfucker"...
Sorry but Gackt seems to be in a kind of midlife's crisis. Wants to be as young and cool as possible.

He sang very few songs. And everyone had to scream and praise him for over 5-10 minutes every time a song ended! It was boring and annoying.

The only good thing:
They played VANILLA!
This song made my day 

But even before the encore was over, we left the concert hall. I couldn't stand it any longer =_=
It's the first time in my long concert life, that I left a concert before it ended.
Gackt was a kind of childhood hero for me, really. But this was a horrible day. A horrible concert. With too much fanservice, too much gayness, too much wanne be rockstar, too much "I am the best. I have nothing to do tonight, you have to do something for me, so scream and praise me".

But I met some of my friends again, so it was kind of good somehow...

It was cold outsite, I had only a shirt and the train was ful of drunken people. I am happy that we caught one of the last trains and made it home before 1am. I didn't want to wait for the first train at 7am...

So I have a broken little toe and a flue now and I am tired!
But well, it was kind of an experience you have to make.

So never ever Gackt and the yellow fried chickenz again.
With Gackt Job I will think about it.

Freitag, 22. Juli 2011


Hello guys!

I'm very busy atm. Don't know why, but it was impossible to write something here.

This monday one of my teeth broke. It was horrible. While watching Transformers with my mom and eating some sweets my tooth decided to kill itsels :D

So I had to go to the dentist on tuesday.
and again on wednesday.
Next week I have to go there again on Thursday and friday....
did I mentioned it? HORROR!!!!


Tomorrow will be the Gackt live in Cologne ♥

Looking forward to it!

Sonntag, 17. Juli 2011

Happy birthday to me! ♪


Yesterday was my birthday ♥

I didn't want to celebrate it and I also insisted of getting NO presents.
But yeah.

When it was 11.55pm I was ready for bed, wore my Kigurumi and had a stupid hair style... When the door bell rang and after a little shock who might it be at this late hour, it were Mary and Alex with a little cake and a cute present. 
I was SO surprised because they had to drive a little bit by car to get here, so I'd have never expected them to come over to my place 

made by Mary and Alex ♥ Thank you so much, it's so cute!
After that, I got my presents from Viola 
She also gave me a little cake and a little plant, where 6 little scrolls were affixed. They were hints about the presents and where it is hidden. (They weren't hidden well xD...)

I got some beautyproducts, some bathing products (because I love taking a bath), 2 Manga, some sweets, a cute little cake and a super cute stuffed seal 

This is Jack le Robbe's Pierre ♥
After having a little chat, Mary and Alex drove home again and I got some sleep.
In the afternoon Tosh came to visit our place and we cooked something.
I got some cute presents from Tosh 
A pensil, 3 cute animal stamps, letter paper, a poster and a NANA glass 

After eating, I made a birthday cake for myself and for Viola, because she will be at home next week for her birthday 

Everything self made 
and it was delicious  ♥

In the evening Trunksi came over and we played some oldschool games while chatting ♥

My plan was to sleep the whole day and forgetting about my birthday but in the end at least some of my friends made it impossible for me 
Thank you!

Now I am very tired xD
But this evening it's the final of the women soccer worldcup! Japan vs. USA!

Freitag, 15. Juli 2011


It has been 365 days now.
Still I am sad.
I can't even find the right words.

I bought a lily for you.
And until I can hear your voice in heaven again, I'll do this every year.

So don't dare you to stop singing, Daisuke!!!


Dienstag, 12. Juli 2011



Today I had my graduation ceremony, where I got my certificate 

Now I am a "Gestaltungstechnische Assistentin für Grafik und Objektdesign" short: Graphicdesign assistent.
Two years of horror are over now!
(It was so boring and easy, Jesus! )

After the ceremony Damaris and her boyfriend, Lisa, Küken, Viola and I went to Mary's home and had a little BBQ there 

It was YUMMY!!!! And fun x3

Had a glass (or two 8//D) of champagne!
Tasty *~*
Even if it rained so much, it was such a nice evening!
Thank you everyone!

now I have HOLIDAYS! 
see you :3

Sonntag, 10. Juli 2011

Pläne für den Sommer

Weil ich Pläne mag:

1. Mathe lernen
2. Deutsch Hausaufgaben
3. Schulsachen sortieren/aussortieren
4. Abnehmen!
5. Zeichnen üben
6. Zeichnen üben
7. Zeichnen üben
8. Japanisch wiederholen
9. mind. 2 Bücher lesen
10. Zeichnen üben

ε- ( ̄、 ̄A) フゥー 

P.S: I edited the comment section. Because I got comlaints, that not anyone can comment. So as long as I don't get spam comments, I will leave it open for everyone. Please fee free to comment 8'D (as if more than 3 people are commenting my blog)


Today was the match Japan against Germany!

And Japan won!!!! 1:0!!!!

This is the first time, that Japan wins against a German team!


Donnerstag, 7. Juli 2011

Düsseldorf ♥

(yeah great picture.)

Today, I was in Düsseldorf with Zero, Rin, Nao and Sasu ♥
♪~♪ d(⌒o⌒)b♪~♪ランラン

took some puri, ate some udon, bought some food AND finally drank Bubble Tea ♥

peach green tea with strawberry topping ♥

Bought some matcha melon pan, melon pan and curry pan at the "bakery my heart" ♥

Today was really funny :3
I hope I can have some more fun with you guys ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ