Donnerstag, 2. Juni 2011


Hello ♪

Yesterday night and this night I didn't sleep very well D:
I played with my PSP nearly the whole night 8D ♥
played Dissidia because before I buy Dissidia2 I want to finish the first one completely!
I really dislike, that the Final Fantasy 1-6 psp versions cost around 40€!!! that's too much D: I'd rather play the original ones, which cost 10€ each.

This evening I will be meeting with Alex, Mary and Zero.
Just chilling, eating some pizza and watching The Tourist and The green hornet.

anyway, talking about Final Fantasy!
I found those cosplayer somewhere on the internet:

 They look pretty good ♥

Atm I am looking for a good anime wo watch. But not reborn or those which have over 100episodes xX
Because I haven't got patience for drama at the moment, they are too long and I have too much to do >_<
I've started to watch Rebound last week, it's a very funny dorama! Finally the Zettai Kareshii cast is back!

Well, I'll have a shower now and then I will try to rescue my face with make up 8D

bye ♪

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