Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2011

Magazine Talk #2


Today, I want to talk about a magazine I've found on livejournal!

It's called 3D Nailart sekai!
You've to know, that I really adore nail art, I love pretty nails! (but I don't have the money to buy everything for myself haha)

So I want to show you some really great nails!
These are real art!

So much details! Awesome!

really amazing ;///;

I really love this one. Of course you can't wear them but it's art!

it's hard to even notice, that these are nails!

I want them ;_;

You can go to jmagazinescans on livejournal, to download the whole magazine.
In there are much detailed ways how to make your own nails etc. (many not so difficult designs as it is shown here)

aaaah~ I want to do my nails, NOW!
But I have to go to bed x_x
So, good night! ♥

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