Freitag, 3. Juni 2011

about styles

Okay, I decided that it would be funny for my future me to see in 10 years, what kind of fashion was trendy in my young days!

So I decided to do a Magazine Talk on my blog, where I talk about my favourite pieces of my favourite magazines issues every month.


I can't understand those gyaru hype, which arose in the last few years.
I know gyaru fashion is very hot but I think it is stupid to change completely without acknowledging your old style.
Most girls I know, who wear gyaru fashion, once wore visual kei fashion and now, visual kei is childish and ugly.
(they even don't admid, that they followed the vkei style in the past)

I like both.

Both have their pros and cons.
And it is stupid to go with the gyaru hype because the guys are hitting on you harder.
Really. Just because (japanese) men will sleep with you, you are wearing extra short skirts which show half of your pussy! damn! Of course, men will hit even harder when the girl look cheap and easy.
That's what I don't like about the gyaru look. I know some girls who really change into that look only because of that.
But indeed it is very sexy and there are many cool styles.
When it wasn't a cool style, I won't like it, right ;D
And I hope most of you gals aren't like that! ><

The vkei look is only good, when the punk&rock elements aren't too heavy.
In my opinion most fail visual kei styles are made by teenagers around 13-17 who just want to be rebellious and just trying some new things.
They look cheap, overdressed, scary, like a lollipop or like a super vampire. Have really bad hairstyle and don't even know how to behave.
When I started with that look it was horrible, too. Didn't know how to make my hair and how to dress right.
But that's long time ago XD haha.

I think most people changed into the gyaru style because they got older and this look is way more roadworthy and matured. You can go on the streets without anybody scream "tokio hotel" or "emo" or "satan!" into your face. That is a really good feeling, too. All people call you pretty and beautiful because that's what a gyaru style is: to look after your outlook appearance. It's more stylish, more "major". And it fits with your job.
Or what do you think about the fact, that everybody is changing into that style?

When I read that once more, it sounds harder and more negative than it should be. Perhaps it is because I am not good at expressing myself or it is because english is not my mothertongue.

This blog will contain both sites.
Visual Kei and Gyaru, because both is I.
Can't live completely without just one site. Because life would be boring. And what will happen to me if my private life will be boring, too?

In the past I was really fighting with myself, which site I will take. And it was really stupid. I'd rather be no site and both sites at the same time. When people won't accept me, it is okay I think, because I am not trying to collect friends but try to get to know interesting people with good personality and style.

I hope you can understand me at least a little bit.
Because I say what I think, it sounds tougher than I even am.
And perhaps there will be some people who have simmilar thoughts and become my friends :3
At least I hope so xD

So next entry will contain my favourite outfits from the newest issues of egg, kera and cure mostly, because those are my favourite magazines. Sometimes I will add random stuff like deco, popteen or tattoo magazines, too.


  1. Well, I'd add "overdressed" to the description of gyaru. This super-artificial stuff doesn't seem to be easy to wear, if you ask me.
    But nevertheless--- Amen.

  2. overdressed sind aber auch vkei leute oder |'3?

  3. Ich würde lügen, wenn ich dir da widerspreche.
    Visual Kei ist halt in jedem Fall overdressed und schon irgendwie eine Kostümierung.