Samstag, 25. Juni 2011

kirakira thing and randomness


Because i've holidays, nothing really happens atm.
Good for me, bad for the blog xD

So today I'm going to talk about Dorama.
I've watched quiet a lot until today, well for people who doesn't have so much time at least.
Atashinchi no danshi
Bloody Monday (very good)
Mister Brain (very good)
Love Shuffle (this is really good to learn japanese sayings etc.!!!!)
Kami no Shizuku
Coffee Prince
Snow Queen
Buzzer Beat
Koishite Akuma (That one really sucked)
Toyko Dogs (very good)
Orthros no inu
Last friends
my boss my hero
hana kimi
Nobuta wo produce (very good)
Devil beside you
Zettai kareshi (very good)
One pund gospel
Tatta hitotsu no koi (very good)
Brown sugar macciato
Nadeshiko shichi henge (not as good as the manga)
You're beautiful (one of my favourite)
hana yori dango (that sucked)
Personal taste (very very good)
Playful kiss
Secret garden (a must)
Mary stayed out all night (a must)
Kimi wa pet
City Hunter (very good)
Rebound (very funny)
My girlfriend isa gumiho
New tales of Giseang
Nodame cantabile (hillarious)
Samurai highschool (very good)
And somemore but I can't remember atm xD

Well, most of them were really great.
Japanese ones are more comedy style while korean drama series are a little bit more serious and good at the same time. Japanese serious dorama aren't that good. I've watched SMILE and Aishiteru, those were good. But japanese dorama are the best, when they are funny.
Indeed, when korean drama are really good, they hit you.
At first I didn't want to watch korean drama, because the language sounded so strange. But I got used to it and I really enjoy the differences between japanese and korean drama.
Korean and japanese are SO different.
The bevahiour is so different, I really enjoy the korean ones in doramas 8I know, the reality is different) because japanese behaviour is sometime really "annoying" when they just don't say what they want to, when it takes hours to say something etc. It's also not as open minded as the korean ones. (and korean can swear better xD)

I can't say what my favourite dorama is, but the one I've watched more than once is "Tatta hitotsu no koi".
I really love those kind of romeo and juliet romance ;////////;
Because it doen't exsist in real world xD

Because I really was into that dorama, a friend bought me one of those things!
It was soooo sweet XD

I hope it will never break ;__; <3
it's so cute!

ATM, I'm watching City Hunter, Rebound and My girlfrind is a gumiho.
Those are really good dramas! And very different from each other!
I'm really enjoying Rebound, because of the Zettai Kareshi cast! They are finally together again!

So if you don't know, what you could watch, just try some of those above, they are all good ♥

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