Montag, 6. Juni 2011

Magazine Talk #1


I really love Cocolulu!
It's always colourful, flashy and trendy! (I really love those shoes and the bag! I'll order those for my birthday~)

This summer really wide, without shoulder strap tops seem to be stylish!
That's good, because that is my favourite casual style~
to show your shoulders is sexy! 8D
I really love Yuma's white top! 

 I'd really like to show you my personal number one NO GO!!!!!!
If you want long hair, it's okay.
If you want volume in your hair, I can understand that, too.
But it looks so stupid when everyone can see the extensions... really, that's aweful...
(and in many egg issues I can see those eye killer x__x even Yuma has visible ponytail extensions in some photoshoots... damn...)

I also love those pants *~*

piercings seem to be trendy! I love this one! I wanted a piering in my tounge, too but I didn't dare! 

I also love those two colour extentions which are really common since the beginning of the year! I really want those, too!

My favourite! yeah, sexy Yuma 8D 


Look at these shoes o________O OMG! horrible xD
I really like those England flags on fashion! The third one is my favourite, the red shoes are awesome!
But the hype Core outfit on the left site is really great, too!

Since last year I am really in love with those pants!
Ans the violet and blue red one are really really awesome! (I think they are both by Super Lovers)
And the black one is really like MUCC's Tatsurou style... Don't know if I like that xD''

I really like this make up tutorials!
the yellow one is so sweet and colourfull! I love it! shiny colours are perfect for women~ In egg magazines are often brown and platin colour as eye make up :(

This time I won't show CURE photos I like because the newest issue contains only "pray for japan" content with no really style aspects...

And i couldn't take a look at the ageha by now :/


  1. Oh your style is very cute and fun, I like many of the outfits you picked but they would not suit me TT

    The maikomi (the braid in of the extension) most Japanese gals don't care at all if it shows haha

  2. whaaaaaaat?! Of course they would suit you! even if you are the real feminine type XD I think almost everything will look good on you ;3

    woah, it's horrible! really. These beautiful girls are destroying their whole appearance with this, don't you think so? It looks so careless...