Freitag, 29. Juni 2012

Long time no see! ♪

Hello (⌒∇⌒)ノフリフリ

My health is getting better lately :) So I thought, that I can write a post ^-^b

Many things happened this month.
I graduaded at school and I am preparing for university atm.
I chose Trier and I am not sure if this was the right decision, because it's so far away from home >_<;
but we will see ♥

I already got an apartment in Trier *-* It is very near the university and it seems to be very clean, modern and nice! It's 18m² so very small XD But that's okay!

yes, i am sick ;_; horrible x_x 

my diploma HOHOHO
I also moved out and now i am living with my mom until September :3

we went to McDonalds the other day and we drank Bubble Tea. yeah... worst mistake of my life x_X
SO HORRIBLE! The popping boba had a thick skin and I couldn't even eat it x_X and the taste... HORRIBLE.
I am happy we have BoboQ, asian people know how to do it right!
I will never ever go to macdonalds to drink bubble tea again x____x

I also went to Düsseldorf with Sasu and Aiko and we bought some cool stuff:

Dragon ball can XD I chose Piccolo <3 

this candy is so crazy expensive x__X about 500yen and it's a little portion.

And then we met Nessy and Becky and went to a Restaurant called Okinii.
It's an all you can eat restaurant with great interior and nice atmosphere :3
I thought I will explode xD

that was only 1 dish from about 2345678909876543 we had XD

We also designed our own graduation t-shirt :)
It's Pochoir technique!

I chose an One Piece topic XD (no surprise...)

Because this is a little t shirt i want one of my plush animals to wear it *-* (I will buy a Rilakkuma XD)

What else happened?

I went to the cinema *-* AVENGERS! Oh damn great movie aaaah sofeugfouqebfeqofugqo!!!!
*fangirl mode XD*
Best scene was, when Hulk hit Thor out of the frame XD hahaha

I ate hakuna Matata cake!
(not so great 8'D But well. Disney cake, so i had to try it! haha)

I finished Kingdom hearts 358/2 days!
HURRAY! The game was nice but the dub was aweful x_X and the missions were a little bit boring..

atm playing Kingdom hearts Recoded! +_+
And I want to play Project zero 2 for wii ;__________________; But there is no game rental which rent it AAAAAAAAAAAAH T___T I am dying! really! Its my favourite game of all times!
So I need a wii for project zero 2 and i need a nintendo 3ds for the new kingom hearts game... Somebody has a money tree???

I also met with my beloved one and only prince +__+ alias Tosh XD
We went shopping in Dortmund :3
Bought Toxic (finally!) and 2 manga XD Sekaiichi Hatsukoi uhuuuuh XD (I hate shonen ai manga because if the stupid stories etc. but I like Sekaiichi hatsukoi!) and Summer wars!
I am a huge fan of the movie! And I can not for the next movie "Okami kodomo no ame to yuki" +__+
I wanna watch it!!!!

I also ate my first frozen Yoghurt!
(doesn't look so pretty XD)
It was too much for me, I just ate one half x_X But it is sooooooo delicous!!!

oh and yes... European soccer championship... well...
Germany lost T___T
Even if I had nice Germany nails!

For next summer, I am thinking of extensions x_X wigs are too hot x_x
But atm I have to save money for university and my books etc. so I can't effort 1 or 2 full head sets of extensions x,x
and I will dye my hair again. I don't like that dark hair .3. Caramel colour is better :3
or something red like but not too red XD
I want some visual kei style again but I can't do it any more ;3;

I bought some Palty Colour from Japan. I will post the result soon :3

I will stop here and try to post as soon as possible again (^3^)/


Samstag, 2. Juni 2012

kind of hiatus?

Due to poor health condition since April, I won't be able to write anything here until I feel better.