Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2011


So today I want to talk about my favourite Photographers!

There are indeed two female photographer who always come to my mind, when I think about great photos!

First is Zhang Jingna a really young photographer (I think she is 23) born in Beijing but travels all over the world and shot already campaigns for Mercedes Benz and many other famous labels like lacombe, sony, canon and she even shooted for the FOOL'S MATE and gothic&Lolita bible.

I really love her photos because they have so much expression in them, you really believe you can see the person behind it. She always uses beautiful colours, not too intensive and colorfull but even-tempered and comely.

so beautiful!

This is my favourite.

I really love this one

she even shooted Sugizo (she is Luna Sea fan, so I think that was a dream which became true XD)
She attained so much and she is the same age as I am! That's so amazing!

you can visit her website here:

she has also a blogger account:

definetely worth more than just one look, really!
I hope she will exhebit sometime in germany, too!

and who might be my second favourite? we will see!

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