Freitag, 21. Dezember 2012

Christmas Holidays


Busy with University. And no time to update regularly...

But now, I have holidays until 7th January and I will definetely have to learn Japanese! Kanji Kanji Kanji...

But I will also use some free time to train my drawing with a graphic tablet.

These are the first images so far:

well.. I have to learn so much T_T But I try..

Uni in Trier is very nice. Not too much stress and many events with the whole Japanology! The classes are very good and we learn Japanese very fast.

I got to know many nice people and some are good friends now!
(if there are any questions about the university, you can ask me.)

When I have freetime I always meet with my friends or I am busy with Vampire Diaries new Season, Anime, Dorama or Drawing XD I need to learn much more!

Christmas is bot so far away any more and my mother had to go to the hospital... horrible! Now we can not celebrate christmas (T__T)!!! *sigh*
I hope everything will be fine soon!

I hope you will have a happy and wonderful Christmas everyone!
No Apocalype so far, so I'd say: see you soon!