Freitag, 17. Juni 2011

about Manga


Today I am going to talk about Manga.
Oooooh yes!
I love Manga.
Since I was in Elementary school I've read them. First Sailor Moon, then Dragon Ball. This is about 15 years ago.
In Middle School I've begun to draw Manga.
And even if I don't draw like a professional, everytime when I have a pencil in my hand, I begin to scribble some random things automaticaly. It's a really bad habbit, because every paper I touch is going to be a scribble-mess.
Everyone was talking about me becoming a professional. But that is the stupiest thing I've ever heard. Because my style is like a newbee's. Really. I can't draw movements and no one seems to know what kind of hard job a Mangaka has. There is really no way I could ever become a Mangaka.
I hate german Manga, because you can see that those "Mangaka" leck of everything important.

anyway. I'll post some random scribbles I made at school xD
Because I want to remember them in 10 years~

You see, school is a very broing place.

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