Samstag, 4. Juni 2011

darkness! or not...

Oh yes!
It is 5.20am and I am still awake 8D'
It's strange, I just had 4 days holiday and now my inner clock is going insane because I am still not tired at all.
as you can see, it's not dark anymore!

Today at 4pm I have an apointment with friends... please let me get some sleep :/

That's because I was reading some Japan related blogs and forget about the time...

I am really wondering if I will become so fascinated and a huge nerd when I study japanology...?
There are several people who are really amazed by only one kanji and could talk and talk and talk about the different meanings etc.
At least, I hope I will become this way, because I think it is really lovely and sweet to be so posessed by a language (^-^)♪

I didn't manage my own Coporate design by now .___. I am so lazy.
A bad habbit and I don't want to be lazy. >/
How can you get rid of lazyness?

But I managed to scribble the black/white version of my future header image which I need to colour and edit on photoshop. But perhaps I will draw an other one, where you can see the gyaru and the vkei aspect better...

perhaps I am going to hit myself K.O. so I can get some sleep!

Good Night!