Dienstag, 20. März 2012

Vocaloid xD


The last few days were full of Vocaloid stuff XD
It's so horrible, I always told myself to stay away from this music XD! But somehow it's funny and a good variation/change from K-Pop and visual kei XD

Here are my favourites:

(I like this one because it reminds me of myself and Miku is just starring the same way as I always do XD -> Ò_Ó )

very beautiful voice! (okay this isn't really vocaloid XD)

It all began with this song I saw in Ryunde's Tumblr:


The people are actually cheering for her and yelling her name as if she could hear them o__O Damn, she is a computer animation XD! (but somehow it's funny XD )

I don't like that typical vocaloid stuff but this is cute, too:

Oh please don't let me get any deeper into the vocaloid world XD

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