Montag, 19. März 2012


I just forgot to write that I went to Megaromania's live on saturday!

Zero and I went to Düsseldorf because we had a low number (24/25) and with the number system you don't have to wait the whole day!

After having some yummy udon and bubble tea, we drove to Bochum and then to the "Zeche" where the concert hall was!
At first I didn't really want to go to the live because I was just like blah and wanna sleep and things like that.
And it got worse after I saw a someone who was called "good friend" some time ago. I didn't see her at first but then she walked down the street and we saw her but she didn't say anything!
Not even to Zero, who is still a friend of her (?!).
Haha, that was so poor. This woman doesn't have any guts, really. She is dead for me after this happening xD I can't believe that we really have all the same tattoo on our hand! I am really disapointed and with this entry I will forget her and everything we went through, really!

But yeah!
Megaromania saved the day 8'3
UNDERCODE really knows how to entertain people!
They talked much and not only in japanese (I was surprised I understood everything they said in japanese!).
The people where somewhere near...I don't want to say stupid... but perhaps deaf?
Sui said: "Call my name" or "Call me" and everyone just "YEAH"
I was like: o____o ??
At first I thought I understood him wrong!
But he always said: "Call me!" "Call us!" And no one called his name ARGH! xD But in the end everyone understood correctly!
There weren't many people... I would say about 200-300 people? The Zeche was way to big .__.''
But I was second row infront of Sui so haha 8D perfect!

The people also didn't know how to move correctly, it was like the most didn't ever attend a japanese concert! And I mean things like pushing forward when there is a particular part of a song. But at least many people did headbanging after Sui said they should do so! XD

The atmosphere was very nice. After the accident with the chaos of cables everything worked porperly and the party where Sui didn't sing live will be overseen ;) (But I don't like it, when it's playback!)

We drove home without any stupid handshake and things (I don't think that some one want to see sweating faces and running make up 8D) And we arrived safely at home at about 0am.

And now my neck hurts!

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