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10 years ガゼット

10 Years Gazette.
Is it a proof, that I get older?

When Kagrra, had their jubilee I thought the same.
But 10 years Gazette is also very special for me!

I think, the first time I heard of Gazette was AnimagiC 2004. I saw a Ruki cosplay and I loved it +__+
Because I had no internet to that time, it was difficult to get music, but somehow I managed it to get at least a few songs.

This year it's like a jubilee for me, too.
Because I listen to visual kei for about 10 years now. Before that time I only listened randomly japanese music like Ayu, Diru, Kagerou, some Kagrra, Gackt of course, Porno Graffiti and stuff but I didn't really know WHAT I was listening to.
But for 10 years now I know that I doesn't want to miss japanese (rock) music any more! There is no single day I don't listen to japanese music.
And even today it is funny, when people think it is strange or something, because for me it's normal, even japanese names are so normal for me, I don't recognize when people think it's strange or something like that xD I can't understand people who don't even know Japan and China are different countries 8D And these are about 90% in Germany? (I speek about the youth, I am not so familiar with old people)

(aaah atm Zakurogata no yuuutsu on my ipod XD what coinsidence)

Back to topic.

10 years Gazette.

I know them for about 8 years now. At the beginning I had difficulties with the members and I mixed up everything (even in other bands XD like Karyu and Tsukasa WHAT THE FUCK xD (everyone knows, that Tsukasa is the one better looking ;D) But yeah. Everyone is a beginner in the beginning 83')

This was my first PV I think:

oooh and then this one:

Rukis jacket is the BEST!
It was freakin' awesome for me to that time.
I was a little, good girl which went to a proper and very good middle/highschool and I didn't know that there was something except of learning and anime 8D (yeah! Digimon *cough*)

Gazette was really one of the bands that changed me. And I am thankful for that.

I looked like that to that time:
boring, long brown hair. But I don't have any photos on my PC where you can actually see me xD
But yeah. I really must admit, Gazette were one reason why I coloured my hair black and then cut it and dyed it red/black.

just like that! It was a very big change for me. Because even today I am very unsure about myself. But these times were great XD

When I was so stupid and didn't finished school because of family reasons and no one helped me to that time, I was very happy I had visual kei and my friends!

Really I am very thankful that I got to know Trunksi, Tosh and Shin!
And I love them still today :)

2006. Gazette was in Germany. That was so great! Really, I waited for over 12 hours in front of that stupid hall XD Today I would wait for about 2 hours? But yeah, at least I didn't slept infront of the hall!

The first concert was great, it was in Bonn and it was one of the best concerts. Gazette is a good live band!

To tha time, Gazette released this song:

That was fucking great! It's still one of their best songs ever!

I thought, because i didn't attend school any longer, I can know dye my hair blond!
It was so difficult from red to blond =_=
I looked like a freakin' sea anemone for about 2 months! Because my hair is so thin I din't want to kill them...

So I changed again:

And then the time of different colours began XD

in 2007(?) Gazette returned to Germany but this time with the Stacked Rubbish album. And the concert wasn't so good either, I was shocked and disapointed.
Because this album was really rubbish.

Even the next album couldn't heal that wound I got from this disapointment ;__; (but the album is better)
I really have to say that I didn't really followed gazette's activities after this great shock.
I loved the old songs but the new one's weren't as good as in the past!

Time has past:

But last year Gazette really came back into my life!
The Live Concert DVD The nameless Liberty tour from 2010 was so great.
I fell in love with this song:

They look so awesome in this PV and the live performance was sooooo good ;/////;

I still think that Distress and Coma was very good, too but RED and the live DVD changed my mind and I was into Gazette again. (I still refuse to use "the" it's gazetto ;O;)
I bougt the live DVD and TOXIC was sooooooo good, too! I couldn't wait for this album!
I am so happy that Gazette came back and didn't get lost in the damn mainstream fuck PSC shit NOOOOO blabla.

I can't believe that I attended their first german live 6 years ago.
We really grew up, didn't we?
And still I don't feel like an adult.

So I think the best song to finish this entry is this one: (mit deutschen Untertiteln, wow XD!)

For me THAT is really Gazette.
"Ich will mich selbst nicht vergessen, ich will so sein wie ich bin"

When I look back, this songs discribes me the best. When I listen to the lyrics carefully I could always cry XD stupid me.

Awesome times back then.
Because I loved Gazette I found wonderful friends like Trunks, Tosh and Shin. Because I enveloped (like a Pokemon +_+) I got more friends who are very important for me like Nessy, Becky, Zero and Co. Some people stayed in my heart and many are gone. But everything I've done was worth it's effort.

So this year I will finally finish school and I will go to university. I have a very good job education degree in design and I will get an entrance ticket for the university this year.
And that's because I had friends and music.
Without my friends and without the music, without Gazette I would be an other person today.
(of course there are other bands like Riento and Kagrra that have an even greater meaning for me, but it's not their jubilee ;D)

So, let's enjoy the next 10 years okay?

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