Sonntag, 25. März 2012

new circle lenses!

Hey ho!

stupid face deluxe 8D
Today I will write a review about my new circle lenses!

Yesterday the parcel from Shoppingholics arrived!

As always with pretty small presents :3
And the circle lenses were in a little box, that was very cute, too :3

Among my order I got a lense-case (i think it's a bear? XD), 2 eye care pads, 1 hair attach thing and a little green voodoo doll XD and the thank you card :3

So I got the Lycee contact lense drops, because I have dry and sensitive eyes and my lenses are always hurting after several hours!
I thought I'll try that out and it helps imidiately! With only one drop the eye feels fresh again!

very small but helpful!
So, but here are the lenses:

The brand is from Geo, it's called Princess Mimi/Bambi Almond Brown!
I have seen so many pretty pictures of these lenses, espacially from Tsubasa and the other models, so I had high expectations about these lenses, because I have brown/green eyes and I wanted more natural lenses this time!

Diameter : 15.0mm (so it says on Shoppingholics, but it is 14,5 -_-)
Water Content : 38%
Power: 0 - -8
Life Span : 1 year disposal

So let's see how they are on my eyes:

without make up, only one lense

without eye make up with flash

with make up, outdoor light

with make up, indoor light

with make up, with flash

In my opinion, the colour is pretty and blends in very well.
But I think those lenses are more for the people out there, who have small eyes.
I wish these ones had a 16mm diameter or something like that. 14,5 is too small for my eyes.

I also had to push the lense a little bit to the right place, it didn't want to go to the right place right away XD

I also have tried different wigs to see, which one had the stronger effect:

with the blond wig

with a dark brown wig
with my bad webcam:

I think it's both very nice but the brown was really catchy when I wore the brown wig!
Even though I think, that brown eyes with blond hair is very beautiful!

The comfort is good but in my opinion my other Geo lenses are a little bit more comfortable!
But I love them, the colour and because it's blending in so nicely! You can wear them to every occasion and because of the natural look, it is also good for school :3 (I've made so many bad experiances with stupid guys at school =_= I hate those stupis people)

so here is my personal opinion:

Enlargement: ★★★☆☆
Color: ★★★☆
Comfort: ★★☆☆☆ (I have to say that it's itchy as hell x,x)

If you want to buy those items, please click here:

Mimi Almond Brown is waiting for you!

Here are the Drops which will help you out with itchy lenses!

Perhaps I will make a video of it, too (wants some free lenses hahaha 8D)

I hope this will help at least someone :3

Have a nice day!

Let's finish this with a stupid face, too 8D haha


  1. Dein ganzer Post klingt zwar persönlich
    aber irgendwie mehr professionell.
    Als würdest du einen Bricht für eine Stylezeitschrift für junge moderne Leute schreiben.
    Mach mal dafür einen Extra-Blog auf.
    Ich finde du hast es da in diesen Angelegenheiten echt drauf.
    Kritiken/Berichte/Tests/Kaufverweise and Co.
    Vor allem gefällt mir die Augenabfolge sehr gut.
    (Aussehn bei unterschiedlicher Belichtung und Makeup)

    :) Mach was draus.


  2. danke XD

    aber ich muss leider sagen, dass alle Mädels solche reviews schreiben in ihren blogs XD außerdem kauf ich so selten ma wat ;o; xD
    trotzdem thänk yu ;)