Donnerstag, 15. März 2012


1. Did my nail today:

2. My circle lenses arrived today. Well. I missed the post guy -.- Because I was so stupid and listened to music via headphones, so I didn't hear the doorbell =3='' So I have to go to the post office tomorrow.

I ordered this:

because my eyes easily dry out.

Because my grey and my green lenses are older than a year now, I need new ones.
But I don't know which I will choose.

But I will definetely buy these ones:
hanabi blue +_+ very lovely.

And I think I will choose a magic king grey or the lovelove grey by Geo.
I prefer Geo, I think EOS circkle lenses are less comfortable for my eyes. Perhaps it's just my eyes which don't like EOS xD

I think this looks nice :3 the geo lovelove grey!

I can't wait for tomorrow =3= want my lenses!

3. Still waiting for the Gabalmania and the Clair Beauty wigs! -3- Custom taxes will kill me (by the way, the custom guy thinks I am weird. Everytime I have to open my orders infront of him, it's strange things like Rilakkuma hats, Dragon Balls, Kigurumis and stuff...)

Here are the wigs I've ordered:

cool aren't they?

And I want this one so badly:

It's Marry stayed out all night style :0: I love the hair so much!


Ah and I need a red wig! And a straight wig! xD
Thinking of this one:

The straight one would be:


4. Skipping school tomorrow, I am such a rowdy 8D But it's too much homework, I can't finish them!

5. Reading W Juliet after 10 years again xD

6. My wig heads arrived already. I want my wigs!

7. Thinking about getting some clothes from yesstyle. But I am too fat for asian sizes :/ Need more discipline in my "lose weight program".

8. Going to dye my hair in a boring colour again. You can't believe hoe hard it is for me to stay in "normal" colours x_x

9. I have to write 4 hours german at the last day before holidays begin. Isn't that torture?!

10. I can't get used to persons/girls who want to be as cute as possible and hide their real personality. Fake Cuteness isn't cute at all but guys seem to like it? Strange world!
I am happy to be 2D-sexual 8D haha!


okay, this randomness was long ö_ö''


  1. ja 8D Der Begriff sollte in den allgemeinen Wortschatz übergehen >D

  2. was iss 2D-sexual
    bi,oder wie? xD

    Oh my God
    T_T ich mag deine Haare in natura~
    aba ich werde wohl mit deinem Perüggekopf leben müssen
    (wobei ich zugeben muss...dass ich schon recht gespannt bin xD
    ich erwarte Fotos! Many many Fotos!<3)

    Oh my, mit deinen Glupschiekulleraugen
    und dem Marykopf~

    Überanstreng dich mal nicht bei all deinen Erledigungen :/
    und bei dem Erwartungsstress

  3. 2d sexual ist wenn man auf anime/game figuren steht xD (also scerzhaft jetz, nich dass du mir nen psychiater vorbei schickst XD)

    ja, ich mach foddos +_+

    und ich weiß, dass du mich und meine strahlende erscheinung auch ohne perrücke magst ;D ich bin eben so toll ;D