Mittwoch, 7. März 2012

Free day!

Hellow <3

I had a free day today :)

So I visited my mom and we drove to IKEA 8D


I wanted to buy so many things, but everything I like is too expensive.
It's like I have a sensor for expensive things!

But I love those rose designs or white with light pink, light blue and light green.
I also wanted to buy cute dishes but it was sold out ;___;

this one ;o;
Well, but I got other cool things xD

Pink is love +_+ <3

It was fun and I also got the best apple pie +_+

I also got my Kisaki Project feat. Satsuki album today <3

The customs had it -__-
And they took the postcard out of it! Those freakin' bastards!!! jdiofhwu&$"UOPIUT§!!!!!!!!11!1
It happened with the Isshi necklace, too! They took everything out of the package, so only the necklace was left! I hate customs =__= I hope they will go to hell!

I don't want to go to school tomorrow ;__; I want weekend ;_;

No I am waiting for my wigs and my circle lenses to arrive! Need new ones, my blue lenses begin to hurt in my eyes x_x not good.

See you :)

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