Montag, 19. März 2012

My first own fashion wig!

Hellooooow everybody :3

(oh yeeeah horrible cam :D pixel attack!)

So I got my first wig on friday instead of my circle lenses, which surprised me! I really thought the wig would run through customs, but nope!

Because today (monday) the extra hair piece arrived, I tried the wig on!

But when I put my circle lenses on, my left eye got irritated so much, that I had to take them of (T__T) Something must have hapened to the left lense when I was at the Megaromania concert on saturday!
(I need new blue lenses!)

So I had to take photos without circle lenses =3=


Everything came in this little bag!

At first the wig looked like that!

But I put an extra hair piece on the wig (I think I have to sew it directly on the wig Dx)
And now I am satisfied with the volume!

it's so beautiful +_+

The wig is from Clair Beauty and the extra hair piece, too! So the wig cost about 40€ total!

On the top of the wig, there is something which lookes like skin! So when someone looks on your head it doesn't look like a wig ;)

I like the structure of the wig. It feels very good, it's shiny and with baby powder I avoided some stupid extra shine!

But here is also a contra, the wig tangles easily! And I also think that the wig isn't very well sewed on the cap! There are big holes and on the head there isn't that much hair, so if you wear a light wigcap or you don't use a dark wigcap and have blond hair, your hair could shine through the whole thing =_=''

But yeah, I love the lengh and the curls!

I have trouble while wearing it, I think my head is too big or something like that? The wig doesn't really fit to my head XD it's moving easily arround, so when I wear it outside I think I will wear a cap or fix it with hair clips! It's also warm under the wig x_x *swet* xD

Well I think I still have to learn many things about wigs x_x Like how to wear it right and safely! xD

I hope my other Clair Beauty and Gabalmania wigs will arrive soon :3
I love long hair ;__; I hate my real hair atm.

I need to style it a little bit more :/ 

Comfort: ★★★★☆ (more comfortable than cosplay wigs)
Color: ★★★★★ (darker than in the original picture but still beautiful)
Wig like picture: ★★★☆☆ (different because you have to style it yourself)
Quality: ★★★☆☆ (because of poor sewed head and easy tangle)

But I can really recommend Clair Beauty wigs! Good quality for low price :)
Even if I will try out Gabalmania and other wig brands in the future 8D

So, see you guys! ;D


  1. Ah, danke für das Review! Ich suche auch nach einer ähnlichen Perücke...allerdings lieber nicht von dort wenn nur wenig Haar dran ist ;;
    Steht dir super, das mit dem extra Haarteil war eine gute Idee ♥

  2. Ah danke für deinen comment :3

    Also so schlimm ises dann doch nicht, dass ZU wenig haare drangenäht sind!
    Ich finds nur nicht so gut, dass es keine volle Kappe ist sondern manchmal freie stellen hat aber sehen tut mans nicht wirklich! Bisher war Clair Beauty immer am beliebtesten bei allen Leuten, vor allem bei den Gals!

    Die Haare fallen ja alle nach unten, da werden die Löcher verdeckt!

    Trotzdem gucke ich mal, wie das mit Gabalmania aussieht und mit anderen Perrücken, die ich mir aber erst nächsten Monat bestelle (teuer teuer XD)
    Ich find nämlich, dass es einen immer ein unsicheres Gefühl gibt, wenn man weiß, da sind irgendwo komische Löcher XD

    Ich denke aber mal, die Löcher sind da, damit es nicht ZU WARM wird unter der Perrücke :3

  3. OMG xD
    hätte nicht gedacht, dass die Perü so gut zu dir passen würde
    (jaaah~ich bin ein Naturmensch xP lass mich)

    Die Prücke steht dir echt gut :)
    Das Foto am Ende ist der Wahnsinn xD