Samstag, 24. März 2012

Düsseldorf today! And new wig! xD


As you can see, a new wig arrived!
And this time, it's a blond one!

I will write a review later.

Today, I was in Düsseldorf to meet some friends and go eat! (what else XD?!)
We went to a korean restaurant which was called "Korea Haus".
It was my first time eating something korean! (late I know)
I was really afraid, because in the korean drama shows the people eat horrible meat x_x like pork and so on. IIIRGH.
But it was sooooooooo delicious!
And it was way too much!
And the restaurant was so well designed, I loved the atmosphere there!

this was my dish. Some yummy meat with rice and soup and vegetables! it was in a very hot stone bowl!

The side dishes were also yummy!

this was the entrance
I totaly forgot to take pictures of the rest but the food distracted me XD

Me and Viola
Very sexy indeed.
We also took PURI!
muahahahahahahahahahahaha :3

But only 2 times because there were so many people!

It was fun ♥ (I need to cut my bangs though...)

I bought some Bubble Tea and things from the Bakery My Heart 8D <3 food again XD

My contact lenses arrived today! I will also write a review about them in the next few days!

Well, I am very tired now x_x

I am going to watch some Neon Genesis Evangelion or something like that XD

So have a nice weekend and see you :3 ♪

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  1. Ich bin immernoch voll
    T_T ich musste das eine Machabrötchen vorhin in mich reinwürgen ;_;
    aber es war so lecker <3

    Angel Sanctuary~glupscher xD

    Auf dem einen Photo seht ihr beide sehr psycho aus