Freitag, 10. Februar 2012



I have a short haircut now. And a new colour. But somehow
it looks like always! xD

Finally our apartment contract is abrograted! In the ending of May, I am going to move out! Yatta!
I am very happy about that.
I will finish school in May. After 15 years of school I have my Abitur! (It took so long because I also finished a very good job education as a graphic designer and now making my last "Highschool" year)

From June until August or September I will work ( I already have a job, well I hope everything will work out!) and I will save money for univeryity! (I also need a new notebook but we will see how much I will be able to safe)

I think I have chosen my favourite university ;D But I won't tell ♥ It will be a surprising thing o.O....

I also got my first half year's report card. well... -_-''' yeah. I got 2,2....
I hope I can manage to get an 1,9 at leat in the end of the year.
I think I can make it! I hope my math mark won't become a disaster in the end. C is a very good mark for me! xD

Yesterday my class visted the Art Academy in Düsseldorf. It wasn't as good as the last year... So we left quiet early.

This one was very good. (even if I don't know why the wolves only have 3 legs!)

Then we went to the japanese bakery and got some delicious food ;D
We also had lunch at DON, I had Gyouza Udon because Yakinikku Uson was sold out ;___; (HEARTBREAK)

But it was very delicious. As always! I really love Gyouza Udon and yakinikku Udon at DON.

Then I met Tosh and we took some puri.

Because she had no eye make up, she covered her eyes in every puri xD (But she is even very beautiful without eye make up! She only doen't believe me [and the rest of the world]!)
After taking puri, I brought some Bubble Tea. NOMNOMNOM.
I am always can't decide what flavour I want to choose. This time I had a new one: grape with green tea and orange popping! NOMNOMNOM. NOOOOM! xD

When I was home again, I ate some maki and the bakery food while watching Ghibli's Arrietty and Howl's Moving Castle. Ahhhhhh I love Ghibli so much. For me Ghibli is at the same level than OLD Disney. Very beautiful stories, very beautiful setting and loveable characters!
I must admit I didn't watch Porco Rosso and Earthsea. But I think I will do that when I have a little bit time left (and a good online stream, animecrazy's versions have too bad quality).

Well so far so good.
Tomorrow is saturday but I will have to go to school.
Because we have open day at our school.
My class will made FASHION FOOD. Very interesting and very UGLY! We will make clothes and accesoiries from chicken feet and other dead meat x.x

I drew the poster with Mary and Viola

NOMNOM chicken feed with nail polish!

See ya!

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  1. Tschaka für deine Noten *w*/
    immer positiv denken!

    xD ey,das ist voll toll
    also das Fashionfood? Foodfashion?
    meine Dozenten würden es lieben
    hoffe du machst ganz viele Bilder vor Ort ;3

    noooin XD
    die grausamen Purris
    aber diese kann ich nicht hassen
    weil du mit deinem Face alle Tragik aufgewogen hast ID~
    aber ich mag das Motorradpicu
    und das Zangen-Experiment(?)picu xD

    Tha Tosh