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Because yesterday, I attended this guy's great concert:



(this will be totaly fangirlism, just to be said)

So Kaya x Satsuki concert in Cologne.

It was lightly raining and we could enter the club at 8pm.
I was soooooo excited because I could see Satsuki!!!!
The show started at 8.45pm with Kaya. I only listened to Schwarzstein and this is ages ago. But Kaya did a great job. His voice is so wonderfull and clear and he entertained the people greatly! xD
I was in the 3rd row infront of him. (okay, I wanted to see Satsuki 8D)
After Kaya changed his outfit, I got more and more excited and after he ended the staff member changed the stage for Satsuki's band.

HE IS SO THIN! and so elegant! and so beautiful!
He entertained us so well and he sang soooo wonderful, brilliant, great, unbelievable! Better as on CD!
He also sang his new songs!
And he sang AWAKE!!!! I got so excited, I screamed so loudly 8//D Everyone looked at me.
But it was so wonderfull! His performance was also heavier than on CD. And the ballads were also perfectly placed.
(Did I mention, that he is so beautiful?)
He played for about 1 hour, it was way too short!!!!

When Satsuki played this song:
I really went crazy XD
Okay I was really dying! REALLY! I was soooo happy!
Music can make you happy ♥

And then after the concert, I got my AWAKE single signed.
Satsuki seemed to be very surprised, that a european fan has this single, because it was sold out very early and was only saled in Japan and America.

I also got a poster, a button and a polaroid. I already have everything else xD But I missed to buy a t-shirt -_- I am so stupid. Because the staff said, there were only girly t-shirts and I HATE girly shirts! But there were also male shirts -__- I noticed too late!

and when he sang this song:

I was missing Rentrer en Soi so much.
His voice was so beautiful and clear, he hit every note and I really wished, that Rentrer en Soi would have an other concert again in Europe (T_T)
I was crying, even if it's stupid to cry, Satsuki is a person who really inspires me for about 10 years now.
I saw many people cry this evening and I can understand it. His voice really reaches everyone's hearts!

After we got our autographs, we went to Nessy and slept overnight. It was very nice to see her again.
I was  really worried about her and her sister because they had some hard time.
Nessy showed us her wig collection XD She has so much wigs!

Of course I chose this one!
I had no make up any more, so my eyes are like this -> =_=
But I love those curly wigs! I want to buy one for myself!

Well I only slept for about 1 hour but I am super excited! And happy!
This morning we also went to Düsseldorf and ate some Udon! Yummy Yakinikku Udon!
And now I am very tired!

But I feel just like this:

haha XD

So, good bye every one and have a nice weekend!

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