Freitag, 17. Februar 2012

Deco den!


Today was a GREAT day!

No one at home and I was playing Nintendo, reading manga and then....

I finally made my first Deco den creation! (puuh everything smells like silicone here x0x need to open the window)

I bought so many things for decoden quite some time ago but I had no time to decorate anything.
My first project was my Kanji Box! I wanted a cute Kanji Box. Maybe it will give me some motivation to learn XD?

The Tools:

With chocolate:
The chocolate fluit really smelled like chocolate, I wanted to eat it T^T~

With whipped cream:
It was so hard to push the silicone out of the tube x___x
My hands were dying! ;___; I hope with the decotti silicone it will be easier! I will use it when I decorate my mobile phone!

The Final Result:
I used so much flowers and stuff... it's not very nice designed but it's my first one!
So I loke it! xD haha

It took me about an hour for everything, most time I spend on this silly whipped cream (>_<)
But it was great fun! I want to decorate moooooore~ (it's an expensive hobby D: I used a full whipped cream tube only for that one. and japanese silicone is too expensive D< I need some alternatives. But I often see normal silicone whipped cream and they have a yellow colour after a while or have a bad texture...)

I will watch some criminal minds now :3
See you!


  1. Oh my gooood
    ich will die Creme anstubsen
    Ich darf dich nicht besuchen...
    wenn das echt so echt aussieht
    und es auch noch nach Schokolade riecht~
    Wobei...die Blumen würden mich vom Anknabbern abhalten ID
    du hast wohl vorgesorgt
    für dich selbst...und mich*hohoho*

    Aber alles sieht wirklich toll aus.
    War bestimmt alles andere als billig T_T
    Kannst hier ja vielleicht die Preise aufschreiben
    (für mich und andere Interessenten solcher Sachen)?


  2. jaaaa es sieht in echt noch toller aus!

    aber es dauert schon 1-2 wochen bis es trocknet XD

    also am teuersten ist die whipped cream, die kostet so um die 15 euro pro kleine tube und ich hab alles verbraucht :/
    die restlichen sachen sind gar nicht soooo teuer Dx

    ich kann dir ja mal alles aufschreiben. so ne große blume kostet vllt 50-80cent Dx