Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2012

fashion food and new family members!


Time goes by and I have so many things to do. As always.
And I'm too lazy to do them!

Last weekend we had open doors at our school.
My class worked on a project called "Fashion Food". We made clothes and accesoiries out of different food, like vegetable, meat and seafood!
My group had the theme "seafood".
Our model Jacky had to endure a bad smell! buwaaah >.< Our poor noses!

I did the make up for Jacky, I was really afraid it will look awefull but I got good feedback, so I think, it was okay^^

chicken feed with red nail polish.

seaweet, shrimps and little squids
YUMMY! (not.)

Noura had broccoli and pignet (don't know the english word)

Anna had a Nori top and vegetables

Giulia had eggs, chicken feed and also a pig net.


she is so beautifull, isn't she?!

It was a nice day :3 We had much fun! (I think?! xD)
We had a photo studio and took professional pictures, but we have to wait until these photos are finished.
I have to be patient T^T


And now to the new family members! xD
Anna and I drove to the custom station and I got my package from Strapya!

I ordered two plushies, a NERV sticker and a cover for my mobile phone for deco den.

AAAAAAH! They can't breathe!!!!!
(Why do I have a song in my mind right away xD?!)

Jajaaaaaan~~ *-* CUTE!!!

I need a name. And I need the male version. This is only the female.
I don't know... when you look at it from the top, it looks like a tit xD

ISN'T THAT ADORABLE????!!!! (<- my typography teacher would hit me)
I's a HE! I am sure D<!
What's his name? hmmm

Finally it isn't freezy outside any longer! The last weeks were SO cold! Almost -15°C every morning!

The water in the bottle is frozen.
But now the temperature is about 0°. It feels warm! Unbelievable XD I need spring.
I love spring, it's my favourite season.

Well, I will watch Criminal Minds now!
See you!


  1. Sieht aus, als hättet ihr jede Menge Spaß gehabt ;D hehe
    die Ideen sind nice :3
    bin auf mehr Fotos gespannt

    o-o was iss das fürn weiß rosanes Teilchen
    siehht lecker aus XD
    und die Kuh iss echt süß

    "I cant breath, ah.ah."
    ich glaube ich weiß was bei dir fürn Liedchen durchs Hirn summt~

  2. Das Vieh is ein Mochi XD

    Und jaaaa genau an das Lied dachte ich XD man man, sind wir geschädigt xD

    Ich schick dir den Link, wenn die andren Fotos oben sind auf der Homepage :3

  3. kay *_* mach das~

    xD dein Zimmer wird bunter und bunter
    bei dir können sicher auch bald die Kühe fliegen

    hast bislang ja nur eine xD oder?(Kuh)
    und da sie flauschig ist,
    kann sie zumindest nichts kaputtmachen