Freitag, 17. Februar 2012

My current addiction

Of course it's an Anime again XD

and of course it is from old Master Miyazaki's GHIBLI studio!

I'm 14 years old, I'm pretty. 

元気な 小さい Lady 

床下に ずっと 借りぐらししてたの 

時にはHappy, 時にはBlue, 


風 髪に感じて 空を眺めたい 
あなたに花 届けたい 

ほら蝶々が舞ってる 私を待っている 

そう、変わることのない わたしの小さい世界 
嫌いじゃないの でもあなたを 
もっと もっと知りたくて 

喜びと悲しみは いつも 折り混ざってゆく 

風 髪に感じて 空を眺めたい 
あなたに花 届けたい 

ほら蝶々が舞ってる あなたを待っている 

太陽の下で 花に囲まれて 
あなたと日々 過ごしたい 
この想いを胸に 新しい世界で 
私らしく 生きる

I really love the movie.
The best thing is the water in Arrietty's point of view. It looks like syrup because the little drops look so big! 
The story is also very good.
I love those movies where there is no big love story, where is no Hollywoodlike hero and no distruction. It's a simple story.
It's from an older book called "the borrowers". My mom knows it, I don't know it :/ (But it's very different from the original stories, as always in GHIBLI movies!)

The lyrics of the song are so simple, that even I can understand them. But even if they are simple, I love them so much! 

Even for adults, it is worth watching ;)

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