Montag, 30. Januar 2012

Try to catch up part 3

So what is happening lately?

Nothing good actually :/
I have an bad argument with the person I am living with. She always hold me down but now I fight back >/ I won't ever be controlled and bad influenced again. It is a hard fight actually because we were good friends. But she decided to hate and fight against me. I can't do anything about it. 

I am also very sick lately. The stress etc. stroke me down quiet badly.
My liver is infected by a virus but it will get better.
I also got an anemia. Sometimes I can't even stand up, it is very bad ;_; And my school doesn't understand. Even if I always write my tests very good, like getting many A marks. But they are not very interested in my illness. I hope I will get better soon so I can catch up with school again. 
I won't lose `____´ I will get my ticket to university! 

Until the end of may I will stay with this friend in our apartment.
I hope everything will go right. Because I don't hate her or anything. It's a pity that everything had to end this way. But I will try my best so we can finish school properly.

other topics!

My latest nails!:

and my Satsuki ticket arrived (´////////////`) 

I can not wait to see him finally!

And also his latest single arrived with the Kisaki Project single!

And I have something to read:

So I hope everything will become better soon! It has to! 
Wish me luck!
It's my fight against the bad luck!
(bad luck actually reminds me of the manga Gravitation 8///D I need to read that one again!)

So, I will go and rest a little bit now.
See you!

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  1. your nails look so cute tsui <3
    and the kayaxsatsuki ticket look so great *-* i can't wait to hold my ticket in my hands x3
    *wish you luck* ^~^