Montag, 30. Januar 2012

Try to catch up part 2

New year!

And also new year was planned to be an one person party.
But In the end we were 7 people again, just like last year. Teresa and Becky didn't came but Sasu and Nao were there :3
It was a very funny evening ♥

We had raclette and of course much much alcohol xD

just a little selection

Don't know why the picture is reversed. But we had Sake with cocktail sausages... yeah...

Nessy is also a good Reindeer!

Viola got a nice present 8D 


no words....


Because I have plugs in my ears, I could put light-sticks in my ears 8D

Now some really intelligent and nice videos from the evening:

(Nessy stole my Kigurumi!!!!! D:)







It was a nice evening :3 Even if it was no typical twen's new year XD But yeah, our minds are still young 8'3
2012 started good!

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