Donnerstag, 19. Januar 2012

Strapya Review!


Today I will show you three of my favourite products from the website
I bought these items some time ago but I love them for a long time now!

They are very small and I have several other items but these are my favos:

1. Kimono Mobile bag!

It has a very nice structure and there are different styles you can choose from!
you can buy them here:

I have an Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, which is very very big but it fit the mobile bag very well ♥

It's very cute!

2. Dragonball strap:

I have purchased 7 Dragons Balls for Christmas for me and my best friends!
No it is even more special when we all can meet!
It is a very good quality and it doesn't have scratches even after a longer use!

It is very liked by other friends or even stranger are positively surprised when they see this cool item and often asked where I bought it!

3. Mobile Fur strap:

Here is the last one! It is soooooo cute! I love fur items! I even have some fur tail etc.

well you can't purchase it any more but here is the new generation with a little bling bling stone!

Strapya is always very kind, has lots of sales and events where they offer special prices etc.
So it is worth a look!

ATM there is a Valentine's event!

Strapya is very good for special and personal gifts, I love to buy presents for my friends there and there are some good products for decoden etc.
There are so many categories with items you can't find in Europe!

So, have fun shopping!

See you soon 

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