Montag, 30. Januar 2012

A try to catch up part 1

Hello everyone!
And a happy new year 8D Even if it is a little late now XD
I'm a bad blogger :/
I need to catch up!

So I will write a little bit about christmas first!
It was a nice christmas! I thought I would be alone but in the end, I was with my family and some friends visited my apartment! It was soooooo sweet and nice, I had a good time!

Some days before christmas Jacky, Anna, Viola and I met and had a little christmas party.

Anna is a strange reindeer xD
looks more like halloween Dx

Jacky is cute as always xD

Anna made some strange alcoholic drink with litchi and cherrys XD The vodka was soooo strong! x0x
We also watched nice DVDs!
ehm... yeah.
One Horror movie and one splatter movie. hehe. Chrictmas! not.

On christmas eve, I was at home:

I had a nice time :)

and then Christmas with Tosh, Trunks and Teresa. I got nice preseeeeeents >/////<
I just recognize! We were a quatro T! xD Tsui, Trunks, Tosh, Te YEAH! XD

I got this from Teresa! I looooove Wall.E! EEEEEEVE!
 I also got some sweets and some strange wing hair clips and a Shakespear memo-book, which is so cool, I don't dare to write somethign in it!

I got this clock from Tosh!
She gave me an autograph my Rentrer en Soi T____T Loooove!
It's now hanging on my wall, Rientoooo ♥♥♥

I also made a christmas cake!
Japanese style 8D (Strawberries are so expensive in winter T__T)
It was so yummy!

my christmas decoration! haha!
ehm yes. These are the little hair clips XD everyone had one pair! xD


I also got this little tiger from Viola! It's so cute!

From Viola I got some very cool presents, too!
A Calvin Klein perfume and shower gel and a NINTENDO DS Lite! O: Soooo happy <3

Now I can play Okamiden and everything oldschool etc! I need the Kingdom Heart games for Advance and DS 8D!

I also bought myseld some presents 8D OF COURSE!
Back in october I bought a new mobile phone. This was number 1!
Then I bought mysels Okamiden for Nintendo DS. I also bought myself a Rilakkuma hat! So cute!

I got some other presents too but I don't have pictures T_T''

So far for christmas 2011!

Next will be New Year!

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