Freitag, 16. September 2011



My first week of my last school year is over.
And now I can say, that this year will be extremely stessful and busy! 

But still I'll give my best! 

I also made an application at Trier, for an apartment I need next year for study there! 

I hope maths won't kill me! It's very horrible for me, because I can't handle any numbers... it's only 1,2,3 and everything above is MANY! 

German will be also very hard work...I am so laaaazy.... But I want to do it! motivatiiioooooon!!! 

other topic:

some of my new nails arrived!

I like them both *~* 
Perhaps I am going to wear the red ones for NEGA concert tomorrow! ♥

and I am dying my hair right now... this was.... spontanious? 8//D but just one half of my bangs~
I need colour in my hair T//T

From December 5th -Dezember 10th I will visit Prague with my class!
I am not sure if I will like this city, because I like places like London and Berlin much more >w<
But we will see <3
Most imprtant thing: spending time with my friends without school <3

atm I am thinking of getting clear contact lenses.
Because I read bad things about circle lenses and I am very worried about my eyes when I wear them often...
It's true, that you look cute and better with circle lenses but my eyes are a little bit more important than just looking cute. 

next month I will go to the fitness center for the first time in my life TwT
But I really have to loose weight. I gained much weight and because of some problems with my body it is difficult for me to loose weight. So I have to see a doctor first. I don't want, I am so afraid of docs ;__;

Look, what I have bought 8D
SHINEE coffee!
I just had to buy it, because I think it is sooooo GNYAH NOOOOO WAY bdgwsl! Who the fuck really buy this because she is fan? 

So, tomorrow will be NEGA concert in Cologne.
I am not sure if I am happy about that fact.
I hate the fans... most of them! But... it's UNDERCODE!!! So I have to attend this concert!

ATM I am very happy about the V Rock Disney CD!
My favourite song is by Sadie! This is halloween 8D Awesome song! And Plastic Tree's version is so cool, too! I can't stop listening~~~

So stay tuned,
See you soon!


  1. das Vrock Disney Zeug ist geil ^O^ Wobei ich mich bei über der Hälfte der Songs gnadenlos schlapplachen musste IDD
    Aber das von Sadie ist wirklich gut, und das 2. von Naito ist auch geil finde ich ^_^\m/

    und schicke Nägel, die mit dem Karo sehen toll aus =^~^=

  2. yaaay XD

    ja, ich musste bei einigen liedern auch echt lachen XD

    ja, das von naito is auch voll cool +__+ und dabei bin ich gar nicht mal so der naito fan XD

    danki *-*

  3. hübsche nägel, die auf dem zweiten foto gefallen mir besonders gut <3

    lol.. ich färb mir auch so gut wie immer einen tag vor einem konzert die haare. ist irgendwie so ein innerer drang. |D

  4. is wirklich ein Drang XD voll schlimm XD
    aber ich habs jetzt knapp 1 Jahr ohne bunte Farbe ausgehalten XD