Dienstag, 6. September 2011

some of my orders!

Hey Hey!

Today it's my last day of my holidays T_T!

So I go to the cinema and to my atm favourite amrican restaurant!

aaaah~ I don't want to go to school again ;__; But I have to! This is my last year of school!
After that I want to go to university!
So wish me luck and some intelligence!

The last few days some of my orders arrived!

cocolulu bag, purse, a new fox tail and false lashes!

Satsuki's single Sympathy. (Now just Inocennt is missing u_u'')

my new contact lenses from Eyecandy Lens!

and some of my deco den stuff.
I also bought some Manga yesterday! aaaah my poor money...

Vassalord and Vagabond
Vassalord reminds me a little bit of Wild adapter... and vagabond I read about 8 years ago, when a friend lend it to me. So I decided to buy it my self after such a long time! (Because I love everything which has to do with old Japan)

But I have to go to the cinema now, so see you later with a little word heavier post 8D!

see ya!

1 Kommentar:

  1. Ah~ es ist also angekommen :)
    dein Zolldrama ist also vorbei <3

    Also die Sachen sehn cool aus.
    Und die dekosachen sind wie erwartet flashü :D
    Bis auf das Schwänzchen D:
    das macht mich nervös...irgendwie...

    Dx wedel mich bitte nie damit an,okay?

    Have fun beim Filmgugn.
    Genieße deinen letzten Ferientag ;3
    Nun habe ich also nur noch die Wochenenden zur Auswahl,
    wenn ich dich treffen will(im September)