Mittwoch, 2. November 2011

New Haircolour! Düsseldorf!



I dyed my hair!
Now it is like my hair from 2009! I loved that colour ♥
I was bored with just one colour, even if everyone is nicer to you, when you look normal. But I just give a f**k :D about that.

I went to Düsseldorf today with Zero, Mary, Alex, Jacky, Mara and Alina!
It was so much fun! ♥

We took some puri of course!
Here are some:


And we ate some yummy udon <3
I had yakinikku udon, it was sooooooooooooooooo awesome ;//////;

I bought some manga and stuff <3

most is food, uwaaah  (but the food is the best in the whole world....)

Viola also dyed her hair! It looks very cool, it is silver with violet!
I love it!

Er also drank some bubble tea ♥ I hope everyone had fun today 


  1. Yes we had - indeed!
    And found out that bubbletea doesn't taste as strange as it looks.
    With her new haircolour Viola reminds me of someone. A comic character maybe or sth like that... hm.

    "Yours sincerly",
    the Dragoran with the frog at its head and a brand-new mustache.

    P.S.: Why can't I post this comment?! Hopeyou don't get it twice now.

  2. Deine neuen Haare sind der Hammer <3

  3. jeeeeesch~ xD
    and I was thinking
    while looking at your ava in MSN
    "wtf. this are old pictures?
    must be..because this hair is her old style.
    but why do the purris have such a good quality?"

    But well~
    it looks great :3! 8D
    the best colours for the evil grey winter!
    and Zero looks like an anime figure xD

    the third purri is the best!
    xD awesome


  4. @Mara:
    Ja, hat geklappt XD

    @Mika: dankeeeee *-*

    Tjaja, ohne Farbe gehts halt doch nicht XD Meine Haare sehnten sich nach misshandlung durch Blondierung xD
    Das dritte puri sieht aus als wär ichn loli und zero leckt mich an XD