Dienstag, 1. November 2011

Halloween part 2!

Hello <3

Yesterday I had a little Halloween party with Zero, Sasu, Nao, Aiko and Trunksi 

It was a very stressfull day XD I just slept for about 2 hours and then bought everything for the party, decorated etc.!

my room <3

I wanted to make Jack Skaleton Muffins but I had no time 

I wore my Kigurumi 8D And made some tiger eye make up ♥

and Viola and Trunksi wore some, too ♥

We had some nice cookies and sweets to eat XD
Sasu made One Piece cookies 

We watched movies 'til morning x___x
I am so tired XD!

We watched "The Buried" at first. This movie was so awesome, even if it was a low budget film and just played in a coffin. But it was very well done and I just thought: woah 

After that we needed something not so dramatic!
Sowe watched GANTZ live action move 1 and 2!!!
AWESOME!!!! Hongou Kanata  He was very cool! Hohoho
I just have to watch the movies again! (even if L looks so bad in this movie )

yeah ♥

Well, it was a very funny evening/night!
(even if I am afraid that we made sasu angry, because we made so much fun about the Gnatz movie xD I am so sorry ;w;) xD

Aaaah and I have a song in my head ;____; I can't get it out of my head!
It's from Gantz "Atasashii asa ga kita" xD it's creepy!

Now, I will dye my hair again ♥
See you soon!


  1. Awww~ 8D
    deine glupschie augen sehn voll toll aus
    selbst deine gelde Tigermähne iss love

    xD Trunksi,der Pascha

    OMG *o* die OP Kekse <3
    und ...HIRN? wtf wie cool XDDD
    aber sag mal...
    das iss sicher genau so Zuckermord wie die Krümmelmonsterkekse?
    (back mir solche wenn ich vor meinen Klausuren stehe
    *w* nkay~? <3
    ich kann Extrahirn gebrauchen)

    scheint eine nette Party gewesen zu sein :3


  2. Awww du siehst klasse aus *__*
    Das Make-Up ist geil!!
    Und das Essen sieht lecker aus.

  3. @Tosh:
    Jah, war schön *~* Nächstes jahr zusammen <3

    Danke XD
    Das Essen war auch lecker, höhö +_+