Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2011

Saturday evening


Yesterday I was at a little Halloween party 

I wore my tiger kigurumi and chose my new pink contact lenses

I really love them! 

a lion in a tiger kigurumi?

I also designed some new nails, but I will show them next time ♥

The party was fun, even if we weren't so many people!

The Joker got eaten by Koromon! O.O

Mary as Magnum xD
I went to sleep early in the morning and now I am so sleepy ;___;
I'm getting old xD

we got some super yummy soup there, it was kind of cocos curry chicken soup? Can't remeber xD
But we didn't watch some horror movie 

Now I am so lazy the whole day! 
Just watching dorama and playing Pokemon xD

From now on I have 2 weeks of holiday <3


  1. Die löwenfrisur *-*
    Warum nicht so??

  2. 1. weils nur toupiert war
    2. weil ich kein löwen kigurumi an hatte :/

  3. awwwww~
    :3 knuffig
    man mag dir inne Wange kneifen
    (man lebt halt gerne gefährlich~)

    der Joker iss witzig
    hätte die Bemalung gerne von vorne gesehn

    Scheint netter Abend gewesen zu sein
    auch wenn gute Horrorfilmchen nett gewesen wären?

    ID hach~