Montag, 3. Oktober 2011

nice weekend

I had a long weekend!


Because Monday is a holiday *~*

but it's almost over ;__;


On friday I cleaned the apartment the whole day until evening ;__;

On Saturday some friends came by and we celebrated Tosh's birthday!

I've made special muffins!


(Or in english: COOKIE MONSTER!)

This was quiet some work! The whole kitchen looked like a battlefield! (>_<;)

The muffin was smartie muffin, then I had to make the eyes with white chocolate and brown chocolate!
After that I had to make the cream! My whole hand was blue after that! (The kitchen and the frigde, too)

Those were so sweet! Too much sugar in the blue cream XD But without the cream wouldn't have worked.

We also modified a Hello Kitty Cake to a Hello Tosh cake xD!

AND we had Matcha cake! Too much cakes, definetely!

Toshiya monster 8D

We also watched two movies!
First one was Pirates of the Carribbean 4!
Second was a movie called RED! very good movie, I love it so much XD

Yesterday I was at Mary's and Alex' place to watch Tranformers 3 and Bad teacher!
Also some very good movies xD (why are my weekends full of movies?! I am quiet a nerd)

Today I will just enjoy my freetime by watching some music DVDs (Riento atm) and I won't think about school!

See you <3

1 Kommentar:

  1. I love you all~ \(*o*)/
    thanks for the great celebration!

    And yeah ID those blue monsters were awesome
    the evil looking one caused me stomachache
    too much sugar~ for sure

    The Monsters look great in the refrigerator xD
    they look lil bit confused

    by the way o.O
    your pics look good