Sonntag, 17. Juli 2011

Happy birthday to me! ♪


Yesterday was my birthday ♥

I didn't want to celebrate it and I also insisted of getting NO presents.
But yeah.

When it was 11.55pm I was ready for bed, wore my Kigurumi and had a stupid hair style... When the door bell rang and after a little shock who might it be at this late hour, it were Mary and Alex with a little cake and a cute present. 
I was SO surprised because they had to drive a little bit by car to get here, so I'd have never expected them to come over to my place 

made by Mary and Alex ♥ Thank you so much, it's so cute!
After that, I got my presents from Viola 
She also gave me a little cake and a little plant, where 6 little scrolls were affixed. They were hints about the presents and where it is hidden. (They weren't hidden well xD...)

I got some beautyproducts, some bathing products (because I love taking a bath), 2 Manga, some sweets, a cute little cake and a super cute stuffed seal 

This is Jack le Robbe's Pierre ♥
After having a little chat, Mary and Alex drove home again and I got some sleep.
In the afternoon Tosh came to visit our place and we cooked something.
I got some cute presents from Tosh 
A pensil, 3 cute animal stamps, letter paper, a poster and a NANA glass 

After eating, I made a birthday cake for myself and for Viola, because she will be at home next week for her birthday 

Everything self made 
and it was delicious  ♥

In the evening Trunksi came over and we played some oldschool games while chatting ♥

My plan was to sleep the whole day and forgetting about my birthday but in the end at least some of my friends made it impossible for me 
Thank you!

Now I am very tired xD
But this evening it's the final of the women soccer worldcup! Japan vs. USA!


  1. Alles Gute nachträglich ♥ klingt als hättest dud einen Geburtstag wirklich genossen~!
    Dein Kuchen sieht super aus!!
    Und omg das NANA Glas...♥

  2. :3 awww..
    der Kuchen sieht richtig schön aus
    mal davon abgesehen, dass er auch saulecker war
    Zuckerschock pur
    aber einmal im Jahr kann man sich doch ruhig überzuckern ;D

    und tja, so ist das leben
    manchmal muss man zu seinem Glück gezwungen werden
    und mag das auch mal Geburtstagefeiern betreffen
    ;3 hehehe


  3. aww~
    ich wünsche dir alles alles gute nachträglich zu deinem geburtstag :D
    viel glück, liebe, gesundheut, freude und erfolg im weiteren leben. *hihi*
    Und das alle deine wünsche in erfüllung gehen :D

    Ps: Ich hatte gestern auch Geburtstag <333