Montag, 25. Juli 2011

Gackt concert

Pretty CREEPY pic. Yes, I am beautifull. 8D 
So yesterday was the Gackt concert in Cologne.

First Toni, Zero and I went to Düsseldorf and take some puri, ate some yakiniku udon and drank bubble tea <3
Becky joined us later and we drove to Cologne-Mühlheim together . 
After a while Tosh joined, too and we waited for entrance~ 


We waited 1h40 minutes for Gackt going on the stage.
And then...
the horror began.

I didn't read any articles etc. about the tour.
So I didn't know, that Jon from fade was the second vocalist this time.
It was horrible.
I payed the tickets for listening to GACKT! Not Gackt and is clone.
The show was horrible, too.
A gay show. With stupid synchro movements. SAILOR MOON!!!!

Gackt also sang Mind Forest in english....
For making japanese songs into english's like raping the japanese language.
Because his textes and his way of writing japanese texts is great.

japanese version:

english version:

and now tell me. Which version is better? Much more aesthetic? Which one sounds better, smoother?

I want GACKT JOB in Germany. Not his stupid side project.
With Tsukasa and Zero OKAY but not with a second vocalist! Damn.

Even the show itself was awefull.
The same MCs as last year. REALLY THE SAME. and this stupid rude language.... so much "fuck" and "motherfucker"...
Sorry but Gackt seems to be in a kind of midlife's crisis. Wants to be as young and cool as possible.

He sang very few songs. And everyone had to scream and praise him for over 5-10 minutes every time a song ended! It was boring and annoying.

The only good thing:
They played VANILLA!
This song made my day 

But even before the encore was over, we left the concert hall. I couldn't stand it any longer =_=
It's the first time in my long concert life, that I left a concert before it ended.
Gackt was a kind of childhood hero for me, really. But this was a horrible day. A horrible concert. With too much fanservice, too much gayness, too much wanne be rockstar, too much "I am the best. I have nothing to do tonight, you have to do something for me, so scream and praise me".

But I met some of my friends again, so it was kind of good somehow...

It was cold outsite, I had only a shirt and the train was ful of drunken people. I am happy that we caught one of the last trains and made it home before 1am. I didn't want to wait for the first train at 7am...

So I have a broken little toe and a flue now and I am tired!
But well, it was kind of an experience you have to make.

So never ever Gackt and the yellow fried chickenz again.
With Gackt Job I will think about it.