Dienstag, 31. Mai 2011

wet wet wet

my room haha |D
So everything done for today!
first english post 8'3

I GOT WET ;____; It's raining really hard outsite! And I have to leave the house, karma!

My mother is going to visit today... MUH!
My room is a mess haha 8D she won't be allowed to enter here...!

When she's gone, I will start to clean everything, tidy up my room yeah!

It's strange when I think about not going to school until september!
But in the end it will be september soon as if the freetime was only a weekend, kinda feeling.

Yesterday it was so hot, I really thought I'm dying! 32°C!!!
so I bought a watermelon 8'3 best thing you can eat when the hot weather is driving you crazy!

uuuuh my nails are a mess! Not girly at all! |'D