Donnerstag, 11. August 2011



So the last weeks were so busy!

even, or just because, i've holidays and the time goes by, I don't even have time to learn (ooooh~ 8D)

So, Thursday Nessy came to my place and we played SAW2 for ps3. But the second part isn't so good, we stopped playing after 5 hours I think.
The first part of the game is much better!

Friday Teresa slept over and we watched some movies, ate some BBQ and on saturday Teresa, Nessy, Becky, Sasu and I met in Düsseldorf to take puris, eat yummy japanese food aaaaaaaaaaaand

we drunk JUMBO bubble tea!

(it was too much. You couldn't even hold the glass with only one hand)

When we ate our Udon, Becky said that Naji had 2 extra tickets for Dir en grey in Utrecht (Netherlands) because he and his girlfriend couldn't go.
So this was my chance 8D

and on the next day I was in Netherlands 8D haha

The concert was awesome!
So much headbanging, finally again! Like in the old times!

I was so happy, I also enjoyed the long way by car, because I drove with my lovely friends <3

my still neck hurts T-T

So yesterday I was at Alex' and Mary's place and we played some WoW (because when I am alone, I am too lazy to play XD)

and tomorrow my friends will visit my place and we'll have a little party.

I also ordered some nice stuff today.

Finally some Cocolulu stuff and a new purse! And new contact lenses!
But Paypal is annoying me again. I need a credit card.

atm I am designing my tattoo.
It will be a japanese tattoo from my upper arm to my back. Just like a Yakuza tattoo? xD
But I have to wait until next year.

I am watching Kagrra no Su again and again. It has been years since i've watched them all together.

see you!

1 Kommentar:

  1. Klingt als hättet ihr Spaß gehabt.
    Und bedenke beim Headbangen, dass du nicht jünger wirst, meine Liebe :D aber solange Kopf noch dranist, ist ja alles okay ;3

    ihr seid doch verrückt D:
    Ich dachte ich überleb schon den normalen Bubblebecher nicht und ihr kippt euch das Riesenteil rein?
    Ich weiß nicht ob ich euch bewundern oder bemitleiden soll.

    <3 tha Tosh