Freitag, 21. Dezember 2012

Christmas Holidays


Busy with University. And no time to update regularly...

But now, I have holidays until 7th January and I will definetely have to learn Japanese! Kanji Kanji Kanji...

But I will also use some free time to train my drawing with a graphic tablet.

These are the first images so far:

well.. I have to learn so much T_T But I try..

Uni in Trier is very nice. Not too much stress and many events with the whole Japanology! The classes are very good and we learn Japanese very fast.

I got to know many nice people and some are good friends now!
(if there are any questions about the university, you can ask me.)

When I have freetime I always meet with my friends or I am busy with Vampire Diaries new Season, Anime, Dorama or Drawing XD I need to learn much more!

Christmas is bot so far away any more and my mother had to go to the hospital... horrible! Now we can not celebrate christmas (T__T)!!! *sigh*
I hope everything will be fine soon!

I hope you will have a happy and wonderful Christmas everyone!
No Apocalype so far, so I'd say: see you soon!

1 Kommentar:

  1. Schöne Bildchen :3
    bin schon gespantn in wie weit du dein Talent noch ausbauen wirst ;)

    Und lern mal mehr xD ich bin verstört,wenn ich Freizeit bei Studenten im Studentenalltag lese. Sowar wurde doch schon größtenteils abgeschafft xP

    Aber gut,dass es dir in Trier gefällt! Dann macht auch das Lernen Spaß ;)