Mittwoch, 14. Dezember 2011

School and everything else

Hello my dears!

So much to do lately, the class trip to Prague was ust a little holiday but now we have to do double the work of the last week and this week.

Today I recognized, that some pupils destroyed my collage about Japan. My teacher put every collage out of the class room so everyone can see them. Yeah.
And now there are party missing in the pictures.
It's really horrible. I was shocked and now I am very angry.
I can not understand why people steal things from other people's work?!
I have spend money on this. and WORKTIME! Stupid people. No wonder why I hate this school.



They have stolen an ancient coin from Japan and a Gaara Strap (Naruto). It seems to be little but I got Gaara at my very first big Anime Conventions about 8 years ago. And the coin is 15 years old.

I will never every again put something important to me on any picture for school.


  1. I can understand that you are very angry. I can't understand why people do this -.-
    I hate such people.
    They are realy silly...

    Bad that this happen D:

  2. D:
    wieso hast du sowas Wertvolles bloß da reingetan?
    Ich würde keiner Schule oder sonstwas sowas Wichtiges anvertrauen
    ó_o armes Putput

    Echte Idioten,ey D<
    dass die nicht nur ein Kunstwerk kaputtmachen
    sondern auch noch dazu Diebstahl begehen!

    Aber das karma wird sie für ihre Taten schon büßen lassen...
    früher oder später!